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Jumbe Leggo and Everything Vincy Night Market


Last weekend we had two important functions. De “Everything Vincy Night Market” on Fry-dey Night and de following night, was de Drama Production: “Jumby Leggo!” Gone are de days when ah uses to go somewhere almost every night. So painfully ah gave de Vincy Night Market ah bye till next month definitely, and went to watch “Jumbie tek over de Stage.” Ah two-hour production written by Nisha Hope and directed by Nerissa King. De name Darkie Williams was men-shun in de production team. De writer did her home wuk and restored some civility in our traditional: “All Souls/All Saints Nights”, ah Catholic Christian Festival on November 1st. It is de time of year when surviving relatives, in remembrance of departed loved ones, journey to de Graves with fresh flowers and lighted candles. De Folklore is rich as some still believe dat departed souls come around to greet and welcome de relatives. So dey was no Block-O wid rum drinking and bonfire in dis Production, just getting ah line of communication between de souls of departed wid de survivors, ah Séance maybe.

The villagers/mourners decided dat dey will be ah Prayer Service to “Wake-up de spirit” of ah young man (ah mother’s only child) to reveal de identity of de unknown gangster (incidentally his friend) who had murdered him. So on All Saints Night de Spiritual Baptist in true Shaker Baptist style, held ah powerful session at de Graveside, wid singing, chanting, dancing to de Drums. De drumming however was way too loud, so much so, de audience could not hear de Pointer’s message, way ah think we missed some important lines.

De prayer meeting was however ah success, everything went to plan, de yute man spirit was awakened. His Murderer was revealed. Members of de audience felt strongly dat de culprit should ah bin handed over to de Police, but de Play-writer opted to take de route of forgiveness.

Ah love de cast, ah massive group of young, inexperienced actors, keen and energetic, well rehearsed. Dey need to present dis interesting package thru-out SVG and build confidence and experience. Ah sincerely hope dey wishes come true foh dem to go to Carifesta 2019, way dey can only become better in de Art. Good Plot. Good Show.


Yuh won’t believe how ah does feel jealous when ah hear our folks come back from Sin Loose-her and talk bout de Friday Night Lime in Gros Islet; or de Fish Food Night at Oistins in Bo-bathe-us. Ah keep asking me-self: “way wrong wid we? Why we in SVG can’t have something like dat on ah regular basis?” So ah giving de folks at Invest SVG “Nuff Kodos” foh last Fry-dey night’s launch of “Everything Vincy Night Market (EVMN). It’s ah new initiative dat will be featured every end-ah-month. It could only get better, bigger and hopefully made more regular, like every Fry-dey Night.

Would be like catching several birds wid one shot foh House-wives, who would welcome de lickle Night Lime to so-shall-lies, as dey do dey week-end shopping foh groceries and vegetables, and get to sleep thru Sat-dey morning.

Lest we forget dat not so long ago, Stanley “Star-Key” John QC, (not Stanley John de Judge), and others had organized “Culture Pot,” ah Fry-dey Night Initiave in Calliaqua. What ever happened to Culture Pot? And of course every now and den dey’s ah Fish Night in Bagga.

Hopefully “EVNM” will be an alternative to de uninspiring Fry-dey Night Lime at Heritage Square. Ah was never more embarrassed when ah took ah visitor to see what de Act-shun was like at Heritage Square. When ah was ready to leave, my guest asked me when are we going to Heritrage Square.

Not ah darn thing was happening dey. So when he comes back ah will proudly tek him to Everything Vincy Night Market. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

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