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Liat ah-gain??

Liat ah-gain??


Lie-Za has ah de-link-went step-son who is ah Drug-ah-dick, Is like she would see him clean and straight foh six months, den she would get ah call from de Clinic inviting her to come and help dem sort out de youngster…. When she gets dey de Psychiatrist gives her de bad news: “ Yuh step-son needs to be flown out immediately foh Re-hab.” Six months after he’s back, fit and ready foh society, until another year dey back to square one. Dat has been like ah recurring decimal. In foh Rehab, out foh ah while; den back in, and back out!

Every time ah hear bout LIAT gone Bank-rupt-see and think but Lie-Za’s step-son. Dey’s one slight exception, LIAT goes into Bank-rupt-see more often dan Lie-Za’s step-son goes into Re-hab! People wid business cents does chuckle when de hear de name LIAT. Dey say dat LIAT is operating like ah Go-venom-mint department, wid de Board ah Die-wrecked-us hand picked from among de Prime Ministers of de region.

She asking de question what expertise in business in particular Air Transport does any ah these Members on LIAT board ah de-wreck-as have to offer dis cash-strapped organ-I-say-shun. When de ULP Go-venom-min came to office, dey tried to full-fill ah Elect-shun promise to see de demise of de three leading Supermarkets in SVG, namely Geraves, Bonadie and Veira. To dat end dey pumped millions ah dollars into ah dead Marketing Board Supermarket. Within two years, dey were begging Massy to tek shame out ah dy face and tek over Marketing Board. Imagine our PM as head ah Go-venom-mint couldn’t run ah single successful Supermarket, is cheerman of de LIAT Board of De-wrecked-as.

How can we not recognize Glen Beach de Tour-is-him Consultant and give him his Kodos. When it was evident dat de Argyle Airport would ah bin ready foh operation by 2018; Glen was given de responsibility to market de Airport wid leading Inte-nah-shun-all Airlines. De young man singlehandedly did ah remarkable job getting several Airlines from de USA, Canada, de region, to include SVG on dey Flight Schedules. Man is now 17 years dat ULP has LIAT, NDP seventeen years before ULP, and Ole Labour, God only knows how many years before NDP.

Dey’s too much politics in de running ah LIAT. And if LIAT is to survive dey are ah few things dat will have to happen. No Head ah Go-venom-mint should sit on LIAT’s Board ah De-wrecked-us.

Secondly, open up de skies and let de competition begin. LIAT will survive if it is allowed to run like any other successful Airlines. Dey must be no Pull-it-tek-all interfearance. Will someone explain to me how ah couple could fly from Toronto, Canada to Barbados to Trinidad foh less dan it costs dem, to fly LIAT from Bo-bid-us or T’n’T to SVG. Something is not right. And wid dat is gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.