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De Christmas Barrel Principle

De Christmas Barrel Principle


Ah don’t believe dat next week Choose-dey is Christmas! The year really fly fast. Thanks to my faithful friend Dr David Joyette, ah was once again this year, among de happy and smiling faces of Christmas Barrellettes in de Annual Barrel Racing Event at Geest Shed. Barrels pon top ah Barrels! Ah asked ah Customs Officer foh an I-dear of how many Barrels came, and he replied: “Seems like we done gone past fifteen thousand barrels!” Ah reckon if each ah dem Barrels contain EC $500 of shopping, dat would be ah total of approximately seven point five million dollars of food-stuff, clothes, curtains, small pieces ah tools; Aspirins, and like how word is always on de Social Media dat dey’s no medi-care-shun at de MCMH, some ah dem Barrels packed wid Pressure and Sugar tablets.

In addition, folks still line up outside Western Union and Money Gram Office to collect remittances to Clear dem Barrels. And one fellar had erroneously referred to our noble sisters as Dog Walkers??

Lie-Za is not ah Bible scholar, but she claims she read way Jesus had blessed His Disciples wid de Power to heal and perform miracles, and den He sent dem out on ah Mission to deliver de message dat “ De Kingdom of Heaven has come near!” He instructed dem to Heal de sick, Raise de dead, Cleanse those who have Leprosy, and Drive out Demons! Freely have you Received (power), Freely Give (use it)!” So Lie-Za’s understanding is dat de same principle applies to dem Barrels, as we Freely Receive, Freely Give something to yuh near-bar! Dat incidentally is ah line in one ah CP’s Christmas Song. “Give to yuh near-bar, give ah lickle something (from yuh Barrels) for Christmas dis year! ”She does not end dey either, she saying now dat de Argyle Airport is up and running, planes coming full and leaving MT; we could send dem Barrels back in de planes, to be refilled next year, but she says, we not sending no MT Barrels, Fill dem wid Arrowroot starch, Dry Coconut, Corned Fish, Farine, Whale and Blck Fish Oil, and she bold enough to say dat now dat it gone Viral dat Marie-Won-her case in Par-liar-mint, we could fill dem Barrels wid wreck-create-shun-all Marie Won-her.


I am ah strong believer dat Christmas is Christ-Mas, and to dis end I am in full support of the Nine Mornings Committee to open every session of de Nine Mornings Concerts wid meaningful Devotions, followed by ah Praise and Worship. Ah think it was Tuesday morning de Spiritual Baptists conducted Devotions in Heritage Square, I tell yuh dat was Spiritual NRG firing on all plugs, ah was truly blessed.

De records will show dat over de last 28 years of Nine Mornings Street Concerts, de country would have seen ah remarkable reduction in de incidences of Criminal Activities during de month of December, in particular during de Nine Mornings. Long may it be so.


When ah heard Rollie Bowman singing his Christmas Song dat “He want ah Bone-us” dis year, ah thought he had to be mischievous asking foh de Impossible.. Not in SVG way people get Road Wuk twice ah year, two weeks in September to buy school books, and two weeks in December foh Christmas. But Lie-Za say nothing mischievous or impossible bout Rollie’s Song. In St Kitts Prime Minister Harris, pays Public Servants ah Bone-us of two months salary in December. So dis year when we celebrate Christmas we must give de Lord Thanks and hint to Him dat He must give us people to run dis land properly, so dat we, like St Kitts, could get ah Bone-Us too. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.