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Rasta Bread-win Disgree-in to agree


MONEY-DEY morning was de scheduled day foh Par-liar-mint to meet to dwell wid de Me-dissing-all Marie Won-her Bill. An earlier sitting ah Par-liar-mint was postponed after ah call was made by de Bread-win, foh all Bread-win to picket Par-liar-mint in Pro-test, Demand what dey were promised when dey voted in 2001, and dat was: “Free Up de Holy Herbs!”

So bright and early Money-dey morning, ah picked up Lie-Za, and we passed outside Par-liar-mint to see how de Rasta Bread-win Pro-test going. Man it was ah Stand-Off! Real K-Us outside Par-liar-mint Building! One Half ah de Bread-win “de Spirit side” was ‘dress-up’ in Green colour T-shirt, dey were on de Court House side, as if to say “we defending de Law!” And on de Opposite side was “de Bish-Oba side” standing in front de Market, as if to say “we defending de Maket!” Dey were chanting each other as to who was more Righteous!

Foh de Rasta Bread-win, it was not easy going foh over 60 years of suffering: “Police harassment, imprisonment and even getting murdered in de Hills.” But de Rasta Bread-win kept de Struggle Together to free up de Holy Herb. But sadly on de day of Legal-Lies-I-Shun, when de Rasta Bread-win should ah bin proudly seated in Par-liar-mint, or watching TV or listening Radio in de hills, overs-in de De-bait, dey chose “to Divide and Rule” splitting de Tribe into two separate Houses on ‘Back Street’, ah most appropriate street name foh such ah most Back-ward position.

Lie-Za believes dat de Rasta Bread-win only disagreeing to Agree but dey need some serious I-d- tear-shun going forward. Yes dey deserve ah full package: “Me-dissing-all use, Wreck-creation-all Use; Spiritual Use, De-criminal-I-say-shun and Legal-I-say-shun!” But Babylon as bad as it is, was not built in ah day. And ah War is made up of several Battles, Consider Battle No 1, de Me-dissing-all Marie Won-her Bill as ah Victory. If only de Bread-win were sitting in, or listening to Par-liar-mint dey would ah hear Hon Daniel Cummings making ah case foh Traditional Herbal Me-dissing-all Marie Won-her. Whether it is done in de Hills, ah basement or in ah Factory, we, Farmers, Bread-win must be allowed and encouraged to produce right hey in SVG, Marie Won-her Medicare-shun in bottle and capsule. And dat is what de world is afraid of, dat in SVG we making and bottling Marie-Won-her Medicine in its pure, natural and potent state. Lie-Za knows ah gentleman who was producing Marie-Won-her powder in capsule, right hey in SVG, so what is de big deal wid Far-rain coming hey to Rip us off? And ah calling on de Authority to stop Victim-Eyes-in Daniel Cummings and allow him to recommence his Deanjay Winery in Camden Park, where he got hundreds ah gallons of Deanjay Wine stored. Ah nearly say Marie War-noh Wine!

“The Hope of Christmas” gave me added hope foh our young people last Friday Night. It was ah Christmas Concert dat brought to-gather de Boys of St Martin Seconday School (SMSS) and Girls of St Joseph Convent Kingstown (SJCK). Oh how ah was longing to relive de good ole days of Christmas Concerts when Sister Maureen was Principal at SJCK. Interestingly present Principal of SJCK, Antoinette Best Jardine is ah Home Grown Convent Girl and no doubt she like me, was longing foh de feelings dat we got from dem Concerts. And so, she and Pennola “Tanny” Ross, another Home Grown Convent Girl, now Music Teacher at SMSS teamed up to revive “The Hope of Christmas.” Tears came to my eyes when ah listened to de sweet voices of those innocent Boys and Girls, ah Combined Mixed Choir singing “We are de World.” And dey was dancing by students who are members of La Gracia Dancer Co, led by Director, Maxine Browne. Tell de PM dat Maxine has more dan earned he Ambassador Status. Ah variety concert dat feature talent from both schools: Pan, Carol Singing, Dancing, Drumming, Lickle Comedy Scripts, and appropriate Christmas Festive wear. Even de snacks were in keeping wid de Hope of Christmas way we still drink Sorrel, Ginger, Golden Apple, Mauby and eat black cake and bakes wid salf-fish.

Ah very Healthy and progressive move by SJCK and SMSS. We want to hear ah combined Pan Side next Carnival. I am always saddened dat de two closest Student neighbours, de Boys of BGS and Girls of GHS getting short changed big time, all dey do is rival each other when dey should be encouraged to mix, social-eyes, and team up in Concerts and other healthy areas of their development. But it’s not too late. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.