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Vincy Cocoa ah model to follow


Ah was very impressed wid what ah saw and heard on de Go-venom-mint Info program (API), way de PM visited de St Vincent Cocoa Company recently. Lie-Za said he gone to Ghana way he going to meet wid researchers at de Cocoa Research Institute in Bonsu, Ghana. So he visited de Hadley’s to garner information on Cocoa foh his meeting in Ghana. Ah hope he knows Vincy Cocoa is ah superior product.

Ah want to Big-Up de company’s manager Andrew Hadley, son and grandson of de Hadley Dynasty, former owners of Lauders, and Union Estates. Andrew’s Dad, Victor and I were classmates, he was like his cousin Ralph, “one ah de blackest white boy,” ah regular fellar. Ah remember our names were in de Black Book and we slipped it out ah school, burned it in de cluster of Lemon Gass above de GHS. Victor was ah good Nah-shun-all cricketer, possibly SVG’s best ever Leg break/Googly bowler, ah leave dat to Ken John and Mike Findlay to refute.

Back to de subject. Ah was also impressed wid de local wukers who were gave de PM ah comprehensive run-down on things, dey sound like men trained and knowledgeable of de industry. De Boss-man Andrew also spoke and made an appeal foh local involvement in planting Cocoa. Readers should recall dat Queen Elizabeth was presented recently wid a bar ah Vincy Chocolate on her birthday. Lie-Za wonder if dat Chocolate was produced by ah Vincy Rasta, under exact conditions, wid ah name like Selassi I Chocolate, if dey would ah give de Queen ah bar foh she Birthday Gift. But she wants to to Big up de Hadleys too.

It’s understandable dat de SVG Cocoa Company would have far-rain connections, possibly share-holders, but she’s happy and proud dat de name St Vincent Cocoa Company is prominent on de label. Dat de Company using locally grown Vincy Cocoa, de sweat of local Vincy farmers who are free to sell to whom-so-ever dey want.

And her big question is, if dey’s to be ah Me-dissing-all Marie War-nah product; will any men-shun be made of de name Vincy, like “An Extract from Vincy Marie-War-ner.” De more ah study dis Me-dissing-All Marie War-nah Project, de more ah see ah Rip Off in de making.


Like all dem Primary Schools due ah Repair Rev-all-yuh-shun, even Senator Julie-Anne Fran-Cess said dat. About two months ago, when de Red Light went up at de Kingstown Anglican Primary school, way water was dripping on broken electrical switches and plugs; wires dangerously exposed, de SVGTU called dey members off de job until de Ministry rewired the entire Anglican School building. Now dis week its at de Lowmans Leeward Anglican School, none ah de toilets wuking. Doh mess wid Wendy Boy-no, President of de SVGTU, she again pulled Union members off de job, until de toilets are replaced or whatever. All fingers pointing at Minister Prince, but is he really at fault? Ah would imagine, at least dey ought to be one responsible teacher who would have reported de sit-yu-hear-shun to de Head Teacher, who should have reported it to de Ministry, who should have reported it to Braggsta or which-ever department is responsible for Maintenance of Go-venom-mint buildings. Dis is below unacceptable, and even though Minister Jimmy is only ah Prince in King Ralph’s King-dumb, Lie-Za is expecting him to get to de bottom ah all ah dis negligence. Two weeks ago, Retired GHS Headmistress, Andrea Bowman told members of de SVGTU in an address, dat those who do not have ah genuine love for educating young minds, should quit. Dat message like it goes beyond teachers, how bout Administrators.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.