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Plant more plants!

Plant more plants!
Participants planting Mangroves at Canash Beach


How about ah massive Big-up foh de Nah-shun-all Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority (NPRBA) through the “SCRPCC” (ley we use abbreviations eh), basically though, dat’s ah Coastal Rehab Adaptation Project…aimed at fighting Climate Change. Yuh see all dem Ground Seas and especially de Soon-ah-me, dat we never heard about; and yuh see dem man who never plant ah grain ah corn, but dey cutting down trees in de Hills to bun coals and plant weed, and when rain fall is flooding! Yuh notice all de heated weather foh days and suddenly flooding like in Carolina last month, all ah dat and more is due to Climate Change.

Well last month, SCRPCC planted 280 trees, “Mangrove Seedlings” along the south coast of SVG, on Canash Beach and Great Head Bay. Ah simple and maybe sounding insignificant project, but very important. Ah not dat ole, but ah bin around long, and ah remember as ah youth fishing along de shores in dat same Great Head Bay, when yuh see sun bussing-yuh-tail, dey was shade trees e.g. Almond, Coconut, Grape and Fat Pork Trees along de beach. Ah forget to men-shun de dreaded Manger-neal dat bore ah yellow fruit, tempting but doh even touch it or let it touch you… blisters! But more importantly when yuh feel snackish, dey was no corn curl or cotton candy in dem days, so boys went searching foh ah fruit or nut from dem trees to munch on.

Next door to Great Head was Indian Bay wid lots ah Sea-side Grapes and Almond trees, and over at Villa Beach, lots ah Almond, Grapes, coconut, Guava and even mangoes. Yes, Guava and mango, dey’s still ah mango tree next to de beach at Sunset Shores. And still as Sweet as ever.

But de Mangroves are much more important dan just getting some sour grapes to eat or pounding out de nuts from dry Almond. These trees have powerful roots dat spread and provide ah buffer along de shoreline, literally protecting de Beaches from erosion. When last yuh see ah Sea Crab, or better still when last yuh see dem fellars dat uses to go poaching Crabs wid flambeau and bag in de night? Ah recall high day-time, when yuh go on any ah dem Beaches from Brighton/Canash down to Sion Hill Bay, dey was big live Crabs running in and out dey holes. All ah dat is no more; de Mangroves dead!. So dis joint Project foh de “NPRBA” and de “SCRPCC” is important, and de next time yuh go pon any ah dem Beaches, watch yuh step, be careful and nah walk pon any ah dem Seedlings. Lie-Za always sees positives, she say dem Bad Boys dah just combing de Beaches molesting de women, should put dey hands to better use. If dey want to plant anything, get involved wid de Mangrove Project and Plant ah tree.


Well de Day of Prayer is over. Ah was telling Lie-Za de PM and Awe-position Leader made Searchlight “PhotOpinion” in ah picture wid de two ah dem holding hands. She had ah field day wid dat picture. She say Ralph and Fry-dey holding hands, look like when Jack and Jill went up de Hill to fetch ah pail of Laughter. De Hands could not be further from dey Heart. So ah asked her if she think dey were actually closing dey eyes to pray. She say: “Never! Dat was ah Lickle Bo Peep moment. , Ralph done say he doh trust Fry-dey, so he will never close his eyes round Fry-dey.” Den she pointed out dat in de picture Fry-dey bowed his head so Ralph couldn’t see if his eyes peeping at de side, so dah’s is why Ralph eyes squinting like when Pussy cat trying to mek de mouse feel he sleeping. Finally, she let it all out and said: “Day of Prayer or no Day of Prayer; Ralph and Fry-dey should never hold hands at ah public foh-Rum dat has anything to do wid de Fight against Crime!” She swear dat during de singing, dey gave “Both-ah-Dem” one song sheet to share, how dey stared at each other, den tighten dey lips, refusing to Sing from de same Song Sheet! Ah love dat Lie-Za. And wid dat is gone ah gone again!

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Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.