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De war against crime in SVG continues


Ole people say “Give Jack he Jack-kit” and Lie-Za say give Doctor Fry-dey his Fry-Fish” foh leading de NDP on two “back-to-back” walks – “Two-in-ah Row,” against Crime.” She say His-story will record dat de people in SVG who living along de Highways from Rabacca in de North to Fitz Hughes in de South, will always remember dat dey saw members ah de NDP marching, no matter de size ah de March, and no matter how much time-out dey tek, dey walked last two Sat-deys to mek citizens know dat de Crime sit-yuh-ere-shun in SVG is worse dan it ever was. She says dat de NDP wid its limited resources or power, has declared War on Crime, she now awaits de ULP to march and sing: “anything yuh can do I can do better!”

But is like de Criminals defiant, as if to show who runs things, last Sat-dey, de very day of de NDP march, ah few hours after, tragedy struck in de home of de Representative, in Cedars, along de same Route. Young men, armed wid Gun and Knife, widout mercy attacked Minister Caesar’s wife, ah medical doctor wid an infant in her arms. Soboto must get Sober-too, He is ah decent young man, ah Christian, but too darn nah-Eve. Lie-Za say she heard him at ah forum rubbishing people’s fear of de Crime sit-yuh-ere-shun in SVG. All she asking Sober-too to do, is to beg de PM on his way home to Gorse at afternoons, to drop off two of his SSU officers to guard our treasured Doctor and de lickle infant.

De Go-venom-mint needs help wid dis Crime situation. And it surprised ah lot ah people when de PM declared on Boom Radio dat he will not be wuking alongside de Awe-position in de War against Crime. Lie-Za say it was refreshing to hear de four TV Pentecostal Bishops shooting from de hips, as dey laid dey cards on de table wid de crying situation of Crime.


But she is chanting me down like if I am de DPP. She read ah story on Page 5 of September 14th, Searchlight Newspaper: “Charges against Bequia couple in $2 million Case withdrawn!” The story is dat de couple was charged with three offences, basically in possession of 53 pounds of de controlled Drug, with de intent to supply and having de Drug in supply foh trafficking. Dey were on $200, 000 bail. According to story, when de couple returned foh de Preliminary Hearing, after de analysis report on de 21 packages of Cocaine from de Laboratory was read in Court; instead of de current 2009 Act being cited on the Report, de Drugs (Prevention of misuse) Act 1990 Chapter 219 was read. Soon after dat was revealed, de Prosecutor indicated dat he would not go any further wid de Case. And den de Mad-is-straight told de parties dey were “Free to Go!” Something missing from dat story and ah doh mean de Cocaine. Doesn’t sound right to me.


Great policing by our Law-men over these last few weeks. But dis Crime scene at Cedars way Sober-too’s wife and child were terror-eyes, could be an opportunity foh both ULP and NDP to see, dat their stubbornness is beginning to hurt de wrong people, dey own innocent families. So all pull-it-tek-all rivalry aside, ah would expect undivided support foh de Caesars, coming from de top brass among de NDP Soldiers, including Bruce, Sober-too’s pull-it-tek-all rival in de constituency.

In de meantime, both sides in de house ah Par-liar-mint need to revise dem penalties as it relates to Crime. Stiffer penalties, ah doh support de Death Penalty, but ah will vote foh very, very long sentences. Put de Criminals under lock-n-Key, way dey will be safe and de Nay-shun will not have to live in Fear! And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.