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De Love Vine In-deep-and-dense ah-ward


Ah got two picks foh In-deep-an-dense Ah-ward 2013. Prince Andrew Simmons and his wife, Princess Anoria tek de first one! De story coming out ah England suggests dat Andrew and Anoria making hell role up in England getting Ah-wards and Royal attention hands down. It all began back in May dis year foh Anoria, ah Primary School Teacher in de UK, when she won de London and South East ‘regional round’ of de UK Teaching Awards foh 2013. Dis meant dat she qualified to compete wid all de Regional winners foh ‘UK Teacher of de year’. We talking bout 24,000 nominations throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who were nominated in 10 different categories. That number of 24,000 was eventually narrowed down to 66 on the day.{{more}}

Is like Queen Elizabeth noticed how everybody dissing Andrew home and abroad, he wuking like beast doing ah masterly job and getting no recognition. “After all,” she said, “ he seems to be always getting de sheet-tea end of the stick, the poor chap was offered a UNESCO appointment in his homeland SVG, he needed only a signature of approval from his home Guv-ah-mint, and he never got that approval.” Lie-Za say is ULP Guv-ah-mint was in office!

Anyhow last Fry-day, two days before Princess Anoria results ah de ‘Teacher ah de Year’ Ah-ward was due, Queen Liz-Betty sent foh Prince Andrew and his wife. Ah presume was after dey had “ah cup’T, she buss de news and tell Andrew dat all ah England and she, personally wanted to thank him in recognition of his One-dah-ful and faithful service in de area of “Youth & Community Development and Environmental Control.” Dat is big foh ah man who come from ah place wid ah name like En-um’s! When de Simmons left Buckingham Palace, Princess Anoria suggested dey passed by de Lick-her Store, she wanted to get him an expensive Champagne to celebrate. Boasting as ever, dat Andrew told her to mek dat two bottles, one foh he and one for she: “ ‘Honey, ‘member you winning de ‘Primary School Teacher of de Year’ on Sunday.” Right away she warned him not to count de chickens before dey hatch,” while ah double Wah’me will be great, “ she said, “nah forget dat: ‘Lightning never strikes twice in de same place!”

Boasting, Brereton Horne was up front Sunday at the Theatre Royal when de announcements was made, Brereton reports dat: “De Royal Theatre was abuzz as thousands of celebrants including teachers, friends, television and sporting personalities (including Mo Farrah the double Olympic champion at the London Olympics 2012) and well-wishers gathered to witness the presentation ceremony of the Pearson Teaching Awards UK 2013.” Yuh could tek Brereton word as gospel, not his brother Maurice though. De Judges were completely bowled over by our Anoria and awarded dis lickle “Vincy Country Girl” from Spring Village de United Kingdom “Primary School Teacher of de Year.”


Mainland Vin-sin-shun ain’t know much about Jennifer Pickering, but in Bequia she is very involved in de culture “Pan”. She heads ah cultural Foundation in North Carolina, she herself is very much ah Mama Culture, and her Foundation has foh de last 17 years, been organizing de Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF) in her town, Black Mountain. Ah three day Festival of Arts and Culture twice ah year, Spring and Fall. Once is bout Arts and Culture, den it’s dey at LEAF

While in Bequia, Jennifer has bonded financially and otherwise wid ah lickle Steel Band “Kids on Pan”, actually de only Pan Side on de island. Dis ten member band is just 4 years old, is comprised of 10 to 15 year ole boys and girls. Elvis Seales is de Musical Director and Tutor, think he uses to be ah 20th Century man.

He was involved in de (now discontinued) Primary School’s music (pan) program. De program went flat but Elvis continued his private “Pan” Academy foh kids whose parents could afford de fees. “Kids on Pan” was formed wid support from LEAF, Lime, and ‘behind de scenes’ people. Ah Lot-o M.T. promise was made by Lot-Owe, if Fry-dey did tek de Deputy Speaker poze, dey would ah get all de fun-dey-in. Just watch dem! De youths are also kept busy making appearances at de leading entertaining spots on de island. Their last concert realized $5,000. 00 de group , dis money along wid help from Action Bequia’ was able to finance de ‘Bo-bathe-us leg’ to North Carolina; Jennifer’s LEAF took care of de rest ah de expenses. Josiah “Sigh-yah” Ex- Starlift Maestro managed de Band to de LEAF Festival.

Ah never heard de Band live, but ah visited de LEAF’s website, and our “Kids on Pan” were featured on de Ad foh de Festival dis year, dey sound quite good. Ah overs dat de kids in Bequia will love to be a part of de Steel Band but parents can’t afford to pay for de training. Ah wish de ‘Pan Against Crime Committee’ would revisit Bequia and continue way dey left off. So foh giving dis nation ah dignified presence and exposure at dis year’s LEAF Festival in North Carolina, “Kids on Pan, de lickle Steel Band from Bequia gets my second “ De Love Vine In-deep-and dense Ah-ward.”

Happy In-dip-and-dance, and wid dat is gone ah gone again

One Love Bassy.

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.