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Repair-ah-shun not rap-ah-rear-shun

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Wid Jew respect to Profess-ah Beckles, P.M. Gone-soft, Jomo and his Rap-ah-rear-shun Committee, ah wish dem good luck, ah hope dey get dis six thrill-Ian dollars, or is it Yuh-Row? And ah hope dey get it before Die-King-Done-Come. But ah want me Rap-ah-rear-shun right now! Ah know way it dey! And ah know how to get it!. Why would I enslave me-self again, looking foh someone who ah now remember, dah suppose to owe me ah Out-stand-In death, two hundred years ole, and people who rip billions off me just yes-today, and still creaming off billions today, still dey right hey in me eye sight foh me to lock-up? {{more}}

We wasted 30 years ah “pull-it-to-kill” In-deep-an-dense, dat’s all it is. All of ah sudden we discover today, dat we don’t have ah darm thing to show dat is of we own doing, apart from de ‘Beggars might’. Rap-ah-rear-shun should ah bin part ah de In-dip-and-dance package in 1979: Ah Airport, ah top ah de line Medical Facility, ah modern institute ah learning, processing factories and so on. But we bin too thirst-tea to free we-self ah second time from ah Co-loan-yu-all Enslavement, so we scramble up de M.T. shadow say we bossing we own ah-fear!

One look at de come-poor-say-shun ah de Rap-ah-rear-shun Committee, and right away one cents de agent ah ‘Pull-it-to-kill Ill-lay-near-shun in full swing. Ah movement like dis should appear to be more Nah-shun-all wid rep-resent-us from Guv-ah-mint, de Awe-Position, Civil Society, de Church, de Bar Association etc. All we hear is dat ah committee has been selected; and ah listen to hear de names, ah hear Lawyers, Social and Pull-it-tek-all activists, churchmen and so on, but not one ah dem dey is representing dey organ-I-say-shun or fraternity, dey represent dey-self. Once again Gone-soft misses another chance, maybe his last chance to show dat he want to bring dis nation “To-get-her Now!” But dat is how de ULP has been running tings. Remember de way de Guv-ah-mint had all de bull-dozers dat came foh de Airport, draped in de Party Red colour, parading thru de streets to de Kaiso “Who E Hut E Hut!” No wonder we done start to hear NDP supporters pon dey ‘Nice-sis Steer-shun’ throwing all kind ah kis-him and skip-to-kis-him on Rap-ah-rear-shun. We divided again!

My first instruct-shun to Jomo and his Rap-ah-rear-shun team is to hold dem Far-rain Mull-tie Nah-shun-all Companies. Catch dem before dey leave Jomo! Nah wait foh another 200 years, foh future generations to call foh another Rap-ah-rear-shun. Start wid dem Banks, Barclays, RBTT, Scotia dat move out billions ah dollars from our region and ain’t put back nuttin of con-sequence. Deal wid Kay-blue and Why-less, foh meking we pay foh we God given mouth, Dey rake billions too, now dey tun sour LIME! All ah asking from Lime and Digicel is foh one cent from de 60 cents ah minute calm-pain dat on right now. Rain down pon de Oil companies, de Shells, de Sun (sol) de ALBA. If only we could get one dollar from every gallon ah gas sold in dis country, we will have no ‘de-fist-hit’ budget!

What dis country urgently need is ah Repair-ah-shun Committee to eradicate de agents of De-fizz-shun dah spreading. Was Massah who created dis ‘pull-in and thug-in’ men-tell-at-tea among de Slaves who wanted to become “HNIC” (head niggah in charge). Is de same ting de Pull-ah-trick-ants doing, dividing de country, setting us apart so dey could be “HNIC” way Par-liar-mint!

Rap-ah-rear-shun Money can’t buy Peace, or stop de increase in armed Robberies teking place! De Corrupt-shun in offices, de victim-I-say-shun. Foh dis land to heal, it will tek gallons pon top ah gallons ah Healing Oil! Dey will be killings pon top ah killings! Green Party man, Ordan Graham words coming to pass “Blood will run in de street in SVG!” Can Rap-ah-rear-shun Money put an end to fellow citizens being referred to by our Pry-Minister as Dogs! Unlearned! Untutored! Chattering Nababs! Lazy! Backward! We need to put to rest de anger, hatred and bitterness dat exists between de leadership ah de ULP and de NDP! So it has to be Repair-ah-shun!

Lie-Za not looking foh any kind ah pay-back money from de offspring ah de White Slave Masters. Dat is too far fetch. So she want ah Yuh-rope-in Passport. Just like how de Yuh-rope-in uses to jump pon ah merchant ship, leave dey country widout any form ah I-den-teef-e-care-shun, no passport no nutten, just enter we country, tek up land, get slaves to wuk it, harvest de crops, de cotton, de sugar, molasses and rum and become million-heirs. She wants her Yuh-rope-in Passport to enter de Mother Country and leave when she feels to. She wants to go dey and wuk and get back some ah she Fore-parents back-pay and den leave! Lie-Za’s I-dare is good, but ah think she only want to travel to Europe, go see de Mother Country and visit Betty and Phil and Baby George!! And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy