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Revamp dat Miss SVG show


Ah not really into Carnival since ah turned me life over to Christ. But I maintain dat dey’s still ah lot ah good, be it cultural, financial and even Spiritual value dat can achieved thru Carnival; but we have to identify de negative forces and destroy dem all! Last Sat-dey night ah tried to watch de Miss SVG Show from my arm-cheer and to be honest, it was so boring dat ah slept thru most ah de time, ah not even in ah position to comment. De Show started wid ah bang on 8:00 p.m. Why do we have to open ah Carnival show wid d’s boring pull-it-to-kill addresses. Man dis is festival time!{{more}} Ah watched from de start till 9:00 before ah doze-off foh ‘bout an hour, when ah woke at 10:00; is like ah didn’t miss much, so ah watched again foh another hour till 11:00 and den ah passed out, only to wake again at 12:00 to tek in de last half hour and hear de Results. Four and ah half hours sitting pon dem tough bench and chairs, ah sorry foh dem patrons. CDC and de Beauty Shows Committee got to be joking. Ah always boast of my stint on de CDC wid de change over to ah Summer Festival in1977 till around 1993. De timing of de shows was always ah major topic foh discussion. Lennox John and Bert Bonadie wid Mrs Constantine, now deceased were de producers of de Queen Show which started at 7:00 p.m. Two and ah half hours duration was de target, wid ah half hour waiting foh de results, by eleven o-clock Park M.T. It can still be done.

Ah had ah buy-us foh de winner, Queen Shara George, oops her majesty! Ah hope she gets going wid her original I-dare foh talent, and win Miss Caraval! But ah feel ah way foh “Flipper,” de raining Junior Kaiso and Soca Monarch, ah Form 3 student at Grammar School, ah very talented youngster. He did ah fantastic performance wid his 2012 winning song: “Yuh Squeezing Me Up!” Ah very interesting Kaiso on de overcrowded Mini Vans. When he was finished his bold act, accompanied by Potential Steel Orch; de MC’s seem to have recognize only de Steel Band, and Flipper was flipped over. We got to big-up de youths and dem when dey come strong.


Vincy Mas needs ah Rev-all-yuh-shun, beginning wid de Re-vital-I-say-Shun ah CDC, new faces! new people! new Idare! new NRG! Give people like Skinny Fabulous, Shafia London, La Toya De Roche-John, Christal Roberston and others ah chance. If CDC is supposed to be ah national Corporation den is time to have CDC sub-committees throughout SVG, spread out de Festival. De country should ah bin divided into Zones long time, de numbers and size will depend on de Geography and topography ah de country. Ah Rev-all-yuh-shun will demand lifting de standard ah de Rural Carnival, so dat winners of de Rural Queen Shows can mek it to de national Carnival Queen Show.


Paddy Corea, ah ole Vet-who-ran Masman and Panman in de 1950’s is back in de business. In Forms 2 & 3, my former Classmate was always drawing costumes He would be on record as being de youngest band leader in SVG whose band won de first prize, dey was no Band of de Year den. Dat was like in 1957 or ’58 when ah bunch ah school-boys headed jointly by Paddy and Brian Huggins, along wid de Cunningham brothers, Sevens, Moby Dick and youth men from Frenches brought dis band and won veteran band leaders, Winston “Samo” Samuel et al. Paddy and Brian migrated to England around 1960; Brian returned home and served here as an Engineer/Architect until he passed on. But Paddy continued to play Mas and Pan in de UK, den moved over to de USA. He’s an unofficial honorary member of Starlift. Every year he complains bout de decline in de standard ah Mas in SVG. He is ah costume man, never mind he does be in and out ah de Bands wid his camera capturing de girls in de very skimpy Be-keen-eee he complains about. So finally he is drawn back into Mas wid his Sailor Band foh Jouvert. His drawings are different, an added innovation to de parade.


Lie-Za was saying how it Touched her heart to hear dat de musical band Touch will be in-Touch again dis year foh Vincy Mas. She say de band dat was like de Touch-stone ah Vincy music in de 90’s, never loss-Touch and is not foh trying, but regrouping has been ah Touch-and-go situation foh de members. She also recalls de band’s biggest hit, dat Touchy topic “Butt,” when in-fidelity had taken control of ah lot ah relationships. Dat song did Touch-up ah set ah married men including members ah de band, and like ah Touch-ah-de-button, dey Touch-again wid “Ah Love me Wife!” Lie-Za not easy she saying how de Pry-Minister say his second Budget of ah 208 million dollars loan is to put on de Finishing Touch-upom de Argyle Airport, and never mind de Touch-me-not relationship between Ralph and band member Bryan Alexander, he wants to Touch-Paper early, when he crosses dat Touch-Line on de grand Touch-down at Argyle Airport. But she say she not Touch-in dat!

And wid dat, is gone ah gone again!

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.