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We got to come forward or else…


We’re certainly experiencing some strange happenings in Sin-Vin-Sin. Ah can’t recall ever witnessing ah funeral in SVG way dey was two coffins containing de remains of two brothers, Gary and David Williams who were slain, murdered, assassinated whatever, within four days of each other – one shot and de other stabbed. Foh dis Holy weekend let us remember in prayer, de grieving mother Dearest Williams and her daughter.{{more}} Dis is no time to pass judgement on de young men’s lives, but it seems like Gary and David were living dangerously on de edge. Gary was shot and escaped death on two previous occasions, only ah cat has nine lives. From what Lie-Za is saying, de young men were no longer ain-no-saint Sunday School kids, dey would have had several brushes wid de Law and on different occasions spent some time behind bars.

Ah like to use de term “Innocent Sunday School Kids” because I am a product of Sunday School. As children growing up, Sunday Schools were ah way of life, Ah Rev-all-yuh-shun! Every child went to Sunday School, no excuse – no child was left behind. Back den every Church took care ah the spiritual needs of de family which included children. Ah went to four Sunday Schools in all, man ah should ah bin ah Priest. Ah had to alternate between Gospel Hall, my mother’s church and Salvation Army wid my paternal Grand-parents who were retired Salvation Army Officers. At Gospel Hall we had teachers like Doris Mc Kie, Doc Adams, Mack Velox, Stump Mc Kie (Cess ole-man). Den when ah became ah Met-dis Scout, and went dey foh Sunday School, ah remember Tommy Saunders and Dennis Crichton were in charge. Tommy was ah kinder, gentler Sunday School teacher dan de Primary School teacher wid ah stinging, leather strap. And den dey was de lickle groups of Saints from de Met-dis Church who gave up dey Sunday afternoon rest, came to de Villages in de suburbs to hold what was referred to as Open Air Sunday School. Yes, Open Air, under ah mango or breadfruit tree: Murray’s Village, Frenches, Long Wall, Edinboro, Montrose etc. Met-dis was on de ball back den. Ah did say Saints – yes, four ah dem came to my village: Lilly Wilson, Grace Winsboro; Emily Innis and Lady John, wife of Sir Rupert John. Ah recall when de rains were disrupting too often, we took over Sir Rupert’s garage. Open Air Sunday School was foh de kids who didn’t have what yuh called back den “Sunday School Clothes”, shoes being de main item. Was nuff adult people back den who couldn’t go church and other functions because ah no shoes. Yet everybody was God fearing.

But Sunday School made de difference in our lives. Dey’s way we learned about de fear ah de Lord, about sin and de penalty, death and de resurrection offered. Sunday School is way we got our spiritual foundation; way we learned how men called pon de Holy Spirit foh help in times ah needs and troubles; how to pray and get inspiration and motivation. Is in Sunday School we learn about de lives of great men like Jesus de Super Star; Solomon de wisest man; de faith of David as he fought de giant Goliath; Samson, de King Kong of de Bible – Delilah cut his hair and cut him down as well; Joseph sold by his N.V. Us brothers, was imprisoned, later became Governor; de faithful Hebrew boys – Daniel thrown in de Lion’s den and nothing happened to him; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego thrown in ah lake of fire – were joined by a fourth person, de Holy Spirit. Ah young boy Samuel and his sleep – he was called by God to do service. As I reflect on de way we grew up, God fearing, disciplined kids, respectful to our seniors and piers, de peaceful way we settled conflicts, dey can only be one explanation to all ah dis, Sunday School Teachings.

In Daniel’s prayer he says dat: “God puts Kings and Leaders in positions, and is de same God who does move dem.” It is my belief dat any leader who charters de young people back to Sunday School or its equivalent, will find, not only Fear-for wid de Lord, but He will restore peace in de land. We must go back, or as Ras does say: “Come forward from whence we came!”


Ah weary tell Lie-Za to stay clear of Ralph and Arm-in when dey fighting up over Sue-see. She say is Ralph is who started it all, when he say dat Arm-in carry his name give de BBC say he in Panorama wid Aims. Dat is why Arm-in had to come- plain to Sue-see. So ah asked her to explain Ralph’s claim dat Arm-in is implying dat he Ralph is de-seat-full, when he went and deposited 21 thousand dollars to help save Billing Alone, after he Ralph family done withdraw ah million dollars. Dat girl watch me wid ah plain face and say: “Dat is ah different matter, dat happen when Ralph told Arm-in he will tek way Arm-in’s East Kingstown Seat and mek it MT, and Arm-in reply to Ralph was, no way, De-Seat-Full! Have ah Blessed Easter and encourage yuh Pastor or Priest to start back Sunday School in de church. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.