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Whay does mek me cry


Too Cool Kris got ah moment in his early morning program dat he does set aside foh listeners to air dey grouse; it’s called: “Whay does get yuh vex!”{{more}}

Quite interesting, some serious come-plain does get exposed. I gone pass getting vex, my grouse is “Whay does mek me cry!” Like when ah hear dat Hosea, Dug-he De Freitas’ lickle eight-year-ole son, all by himself, made lime squash and was selling by de glass to de neighbours. Den out ah curiosity one near-bah/customer asked him what he was going to do wid all dis money he making; and Hosea wid ah serious face, told him he was taking de money to Pry Minister Gone-soft, to stop him from selling de family home; dah is “Whay does mek me cry!” And Mon-dey night ah stayed glued to Nice Radio, listening to Lawyer K-Back-us, activists Junior Back-us and Matthew Thomas, along with Talk Show Host Jerry George, appealing to de listeners to contribute towards de “Save Nice Radio Fun,” trying to raise de Pry Minister two hundred and fifty thousand dollars Judge-mint Fruit.

People were pledging from $5.00 up to $1,000; and when ah heard ah male caller saying dat he was in no position to mek ah financial contribution right now, but he wants to pledge his life to save Nice Radio, dah is “whay does mek me cry!” Wid Pledges coming from all over de Globe, ah few things came to me mind: One, dey go mek de target! Two, people are prepared to give Pry Minister Gone-soft his money from dey Blood, Sweat and Tears, just to keep alive de only Radio Station dat allows dem to vent dey dissatisfaction about wrong things in de country “whay does mek dem mad!

” Oh when ah think bout Dug-he, how he ended up like de victim in de story way Paul got into trouble, Peter paid foh Paul and de victim, Dug-he paid foh all! So if by chance dey can’t meet de Court order fine, den Dug-he and his family will be thrown on de street, Homeless! Dat is one foh sure “Whay does mek me cry!”


When ah read bout Burton Court Case, how out of ah crowd ah people who were protesting outside Par-liar-mint, in front de Court House, dey pick out Billy Button alone and mek him de Scape Goat. But me tears won’t fall pon de ground foh Burton. When National Hero Chatoyer protested he was de state NME! When Mc Intosh, Bertha Mutt, Sherriff Lewis, Hit Me Hard Hinds protested in 1935, dey were charged as NME of de state. Today His-story has made dem heroes. So will it be foh Burton; but ah still saying dah is one “whay does mek me cry!”


And “whay does really mek me cry” is when ah think bout former NDP 2010 Election (de-feet-hid) candidates, Dispenser Bowman, teachers Elvis Daniel and Bash Thomas, men wid families, mouths to feed, yet dey cannot get re-employment wid de Guv-ah-mint. And now Head Teacher, Utter Some, ah staunch ULP supporter and former president ah de SVUT, is de latest on de list of Pull-it-to-kill Victimees. He fearlessly criticized de party and de leader in his biting articles to de press, and woke up one morning to find himself at de National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), Storm watching. He is at home on half pay suspension.


Well, ah was telling Lie-Za bout de things “Whay does mek me cry” getting to me, and ah want to stop. “Easy” she said. “Dem fellars will love to hear dey have yuh crying.” So she say ah must give dem de Black Stalin treatment, “Bun Dem!” Come next Thursday, November eighth, ah must get out de house and march wid de NDP. She say Arm-In say to bring ah candle, but nah worry wid Arm-in; if yuh really want to bun de ULP, candle is joke, get ah lantern or ah flambeau. So ah going by Prescott in de Middle Street and get one ah dem Tilly Lamp and is Fire foh all ah dem Thusday Night; ah going till after midnight, mek sure all me eye water done; ah don’t want me first Birthday after three score and ten, to meet me crying foh nobody. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.