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Puliticians de same all over… dey lie


Ah watched de US presidential debate on Choose-dey Night between Guv-on-ah Rum-Lee and president Owe-Balmer. It was punch foh punch, blow foh blow from head to toe, foh 90 minutes. Ah kept shaking me head in Awe at de high level ah discussion, de men had dey facts and figures at dey finger tip.

Would yuh believe dat twenty-four hours after de debate, de spin doctors and experts were still dey Anna-lies-in every sent-tense, every word, comma, full-stop made by de de-baitors, hunting foh de truth, dey both lied ah lot.{{more}} Lie-Za said she kept switching channels between de Fox and See-an-end and her conclusion is dat Truth and Lie were in de witness box, and Truth won by one point. She almost gave it to Rum-Lee until she remembered him saying he was ah Mar-man Preacher foh twelve years; she never heard bout de Mormons eh.

Yes de pull-ah-tricks is de same all over, de bigger de E-Con-me de more Lies and decept-shun! Mr Owe-Balmer endorsed ah couple un-Christian-like things but wid all fear-ness to him, ah would love foh him to do his full two terms. He might tell ah lickle Lie sometimes, but he can’t come no way close to king-allie.


Talking everyting in one. Our Pry- Minister will not be home foh In-dip-and-dance? Dat never happen, we better Brace we-self, sumting baig is about to happen. He even got de knows-see Lie-Za guessing. She says is like de Moody’s Report set him in ah strange Mood.

He promised however, to make a few announcements from abroad before In-deep-and-dense. De best two tings dat could happen foh him is if he promises, foh de umpteenth time, to pay de outstanding monies owed to public servants foh Christmas.

De second item is if he finally succeeds in getting full fine-ants-in foh de Airport from his collision ah de wailing friends, his rich Arab/Must-slim contact. Use yuh Moody’s Report Mr PM; show dem way Moody say it is important, imperative foh our survival, to finish de Airport.

But Lie-Za knows de PM’s ‘emimical’ style, ah think she mean ‘inimical’ same difference.

Whenever yuh see he got ah Bum to drop, like ah piece ah dirty wuk to do, he does do disappearance act, and leave his crew-knees to face de music. So come Sat-dey, we can expect Deputy PM, our Girl-in de Valley to drop de Bum, she will not get de honour to announce anyting big, yuh mad ? Nah be surprised if she announces dat de new Property Tax Legislation will tek effect immediately?


What ah mock-we-see in de Par-liar-mint last week. Maybe ah could be kinder and call it ‘deceptive pul-it-to-kill orchestration’. Senator David Browne’s question to de PM, did exactly what was intended, and dat was to purport some kind ah dishonesty on de part ah Arm-in, in de way he did or did not dis-burst monies allocated to his office foh a Research Officer.

De plot was to give it ventilation in Par-liar-mint and de nation. De Speaker, well within de rules, did not allow Arm-in to give an explanation. De Pilate Master (PM) ah de question, immediately got up and washed his hands, in ah plea laden wid hip-act-we-see, begged de Speaker to reconsider his ruling and let Arm-In have his say.

But dat would ah defeat de whole purpose ah de exercise, which was to leave ah bad taste bout Arm-in’s integrity in de minds ah de nation.

But de bone-us in de plot was foh even de buy-us Speaker to look firm and fearless of de PM. If he changed his mind de nation and indeed de world would say he has no spine – which indeed is de case, he had to bow to de PM’s request. On de other hand, dat was his moment to show, according to de plan, dat he has ah mind ah his own. So de Speaker would not be over-ruled.

Ah Win Win foh de Speaker and de party, de ULP.


Since Senator Browne has declared himself Back- Bencher, asking de PM questions and getting answers; Lie-Za got two questions foh him to ask de PM.

When will de Hospital get film for de X-ray machine to clear up de long list ah patients waiting foh X-rays, these include people wid Den-gay Fever. Does de PM know dat doctors at de Hospital complaining dat it is like a waste ah time writing prescription foh patients because dey’s no drugs at de Hospital.

Ah think dis one is foh de Speaker. When is he going to listen to, and rule on de tape provided by Sen Cummings, in which Sen Francis, promised dat de Argyle Airport will not cause Vincentians “One Red Cent.” Dat is de matter in which de PM said in de House dat “Julian never said dat!”

And finally Sen,. Browne, kindly ask de Speaker when is he going to rule on de outstanding question on his legality as Speaker, “did de Attorney General have de right of a vote on his election as Speaker?”

Senator Browne, de Awe-position voting yuh be promoted from Deputy Speaker, to Speaker, yuh will be less buy-dem oops, buy-us.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.