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Not being truthful at all


Ah cannot, and ah will not dare challenge Chief Engineer, Brent Bailey’s (technical) findings on de Bigger Biggs mining site. But as ah Licensed Land Surveyor foh two generations, ah feel obliged to tell de learned Engineer dat his explanation on Surveying Practices wid regards to Bigger Biggs case is so wrong and misleading dat ah asking me-self, why? {{more}}

Brent owes Bigger Biggs an apology foh his unfair and unfounded comments.

Ah hope by now, dat Bailey would have been rebuked and corrected, on what he told de press about changes in Surveying Practices over de years as it relates to Bigger Biggs’ title; unfounded and untruthful, not in Surveying Practices, ancient or modern.

As ah matter ah fact, we dealing wid de Law governing de “Principles of Accretion”, which is ah simple and straight forward principle. Bigger Biggs’ boundaries or limits are clearly defined on his deed, his title. His lands are bounded North and South by Rabacca River and Lady Jane River respectively.

If those rivers ever to change courses and erode into Bigger Bigs land until dey meet, Bigger will have no more lands, he does not own de river. On the other hand, if over time de rivers move away from Bigger, gradually accumulating lands, Bigger automatically gains lands. De Pry Minister is a Lawyer and he overs the “Principle of Accretion;” he knows dat Bigger was mining within his boundaries and Bailey’s decision – based on his interpretation of the Law – is an embarrassment to Guv-ah-mint. And I am pleased to hear de PM say dat his Cabinet is not opposed to reinstating Bigger’s licence to mine at Rabacca. Brother Bailey, next time consult with your Surveyor, Keith Francis, he knows de Law.


Ah distraught Tanty was on Bert Francois “Current Affairs” program on Choose-dey night, pouring her guts out. According to her, she was telling de truth foh all to hear bout her nephew, Mark Double-in who was deported from Canada ah second time, now at Be-lie prison, serving ah three year Jail term for Passport fraud and deception.

Tanty, who was listening to Bert’s program, felt her nephew was being cast-he-gated unfairly by callers. She said dat after her nephew was deported from Canada, on arrival here, he contacted an Immigration Officer who told him to find himself a birth certificate of ah dead person his age, and come back, he will get him a new Passport.

Bert cents Lie-bill and immediately interrupted her: “ Wait! Hole arn ah while, way you say de E-me-gray-shan Affisaw tell him?” De lady cut back into Bert: “If yuh want ah could call he name give yuh!” Bert hit ah panic button: “Doh carl nobady name! pleeese doh carl no name, if yuh carl anybady name ah will cut you arff!”

On his Radio program, foh strange reasons Bert, like me-self have declared war pon grammar and his dick-shun. “Ah know! Ah know! Ah just saying if yuh want ah could call his name, because ah know ah not lie-ing,” Tanty replied. Bert den coached her into completing her statement. According to de good lady, her nephew did in fact secure a genuine birth certificate of ah deceased youth approximately his age, took it to de Immigration Officer, paid him three hundred dollars and within ah few days he got ah new Passport and was on ah 747 Jet heading back to Canada. But de technology sifted him out and in ah matter ah days he was back in SVG, charged and sentenced!

Lie-Za is wrath-hid, she doesn’t have ah passport, ah believe she was deported too. Mad like hell, Lie-Za wants ah couple ah questions answered. Question number one, how genuine is all dis story? If so, was it ah Lawyer, JP or Notary Public who certified Tanty nephew’s documents, in particular de photograph dat says “dis photo of Tanty’s nephew, Mark Doubling as de person bearing de name on de dead man’s birth certificate?”

And Question number two, who is dis alleged Immigration Office who sold Mark ah Passport foh $300. 00.

De too-too has finally hit de Fan and “is more in de matter dan de pistle!” When Senator Lewis asked ah question bout dis same issuing ah Passport, de Pry Minister, foh strange reason would not de-vulge. But it seems definite dat we have ah massive Passport scandal on our hand dat calls foh ah full scale enquiry. Dey must be some kind ah record as to the number ah Passports printed over de years, how many were issued, to whom, when, where and why, and how much money was passed and to whom?

De other matter wid de Canadian Immigration and Refugees could be dealt with at ah Prime Ministerial level. Ah was telling Lie-Za how everybody thinks our PM is overdue ah trip to Canada. He going all over spreading de gospel according to Argyle Airport, but he seeing ah “Not Welcome” sign when he hear de name Canada. Yuh know way dat wretch Lie-Za tell me?

How de last time he went Canada, he couldn’t find de Air Port and he come-plain and told de Immigration: “ I couldn’t find all yuh Air Port man, like yuh all hid it from me or what?” And de Immigration Officer stamped: “De port hid” pon his Passport.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.