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Stop demon-eyes-in Bigger Bigs


Well finally, after nearly 18 months, Bigger Bigs has decided to post on de Internet, as much footage as his secretary was able to capture of ah hostile attack on him near his Sand Mining plant at Rabbacca. Lie-Za say she saw it on Face Book, and how dey beat Bigger wid iron, how she never see more slaps and kicks dah Bigger got. De Video dat ah watched didn’t show dat much, maybe my version was edited. De tape is plastered all over de Internet, Face Book, Yuh-tube and way ever.{{more}} Bigger’s foto-taker did not do ah good job, she was operating under some serious threats, bad words foh so were hurled at her; but de substance ah de film suggests dat Bigger Bigs was roughed up by an angry crowd, while bystanders, including ah figure dat looks like de Representer, took in de action.

Ley me say sum good ting about Bigger Bigs, he is an ambitious man, he got vision and guts and N.E.G. , when yuh talk wid him yuh could feel de N.E.G. and appetite foh wuk bursting from de man. Ah Banana farmer, he into sand mining, block making and since he became ah victim of de ULP Guv-ah-mint, he is into de poultry business. Ah nation builder in ah simple, humble way. Bigger Bigs uses to be one ah de strongest ULP supporters around, he fell out wid dem and openly declared his loyalty to de NDP, dah’s de No.2 Wuss Ting yuh could do de Come-red. Apparently ah mischievous person went and told ULP dat Bigger Bigs say, dat when de NDP win, Arm-in closing down wuk at de Airport and he Bigger, will get all de Big trucks and heavy equipment to run his business. Well dah’s de No 1 Wuss Ting yuh could say or do to de Come-red: “Close down de Dr R.E. Gonsalves International Airport? yuh got to be mad!” Dey close down Bigger Big operation at Rabbacca fuss, right away. De minister, incorrectly revoked his operations telling him he violated de conditions ah his contract. But de Tie-One-Knees contractors and Brag-star are allowed to continue mining in de river, even though dey are all in de same boat.

So, Bigger Bigs decided to put Lock ’n’ Key pon his gate to secure all his expensive equipment on his compound. Closing dat gate meant dat de farmers wid lands above Bigger, were no longer able to reach dey farms by passing thru a road on Bigger Bigs property. My lickle research wid de survey plans and ah site visit, suggests dat de official road to lands above Bigger Bigs’ plant, was damaged/ interrupted eight years ago by de unpredictable Rabbacca river. And de only alternative foh vehicular access to bring out de crops is thru Bigger private road. So dat when Bigger blocked dat road, de Farmers naturally were forced to tun beast pon him foh his own property. Ah was at de site last Wednesday wid Bigger, SVG TV reporters and Cameras were also dey, and de Farmers, wid cameras in action, blocked us off for ah short while. Dis is quite ah serious matter and de Guv-ah-mint must address de problem, either fix back de original route dat was destroyed by de river or; mek some kind ah arrangements wid Bigger, or else dey will have big bacchanal and maybe killing up dey.

Turn in those guns

Is ah lot ah young men getting gun down in ah way dat could only be gang related. De men dem not only have guns, but dey know how to use dem too. While ah dey getting deeply concerned wid way going on, especially when yuh read way de poor mothers and other relatives ah de slain youngsters does have to say: “Johnny was ah nice bwoy, he only had ah bad temper, he never uses to trouble anybody unless dey enterfear wid him fus.” But my girl Lie-Za could not be bothered; she does just choops she teeth. She was at her brother’s home watching de news on TV when, dey showed de photo of ah young man dat was shot dead by an unknown person(s) in SVG. While everybody in de house was numb, her niece who was also in de room watching TV too, was elated, she jump out ah de chair and shouted from de top ah she vice and said : “ yuh Be-Eye-Tea-See-Itch, tek dat!” Instantly, everybody in de house was rebuking her. Calmly she told dem dat ah year ago, de deceased young man had pointed ah gun at her, high day-time at Lickle TKO and robbed her of her Black Berry. And dat was like his regular wuk to tek way de youth and dem phones, pointing gun at dem, threatening dem if dey talk. Lie-Za does tell she good lie and dem, but ah heard dat story already. So really and truly dat particular young man had it coming to him, and foh sometime now, but as ole people say: “Bucket ah go ah well, one day E bottom go drop out!” Ah word of caution to de youths and dem “ Guns does only kill people, stay way from Guns!” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.