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Pan in Gospel Fest ah good I-dare


De Gospel Fest is in full swing. So far ah have only been able to tek in de Junior Pan Category ah few Sundays ago. Ah didn’t stay foh de whole session but while ah was dey, ah heard ah lot ah young talent, most ah dem still beating de day-light out ah de instrument though, except de youngsters from Questelles and Starlift, dey played and caress de instruments.{{more}}

It was very entertaining stuff listening foh ah change to only Gospel music, Hims and Praise and Worship choruses on Pan. Anglican Priest, Father Nicholls gave ah most inspiring and appropriate Exhortation.

Being ah Believe and ah regular at Church ah recognized ah lot ah de tunes de kids played, all of which have beautiful Lyrics. While listening, it occurred to me dat it would be ah One-dah-full initiative if de Pan Against Crime Committee could insist dat all of these youngsters be made to learn de words to these Gospel Songs; and go beyond dat, encourage de Pastors and Bishops in de areas in which these youngsters play de Pan, to visit regularly and minister to de Youths, explain to dem dat if Jesus were to walk de streets now, he would stop by and listen to Pan, especially if dey are playing songs like “Lord (Jesus) prepare me, to be ah Sanctuary foh You.” Ah been following and know Commissioner Me-Law is very much involved in de Pan Against Crime Initiative, and ah does listen to his own exhortation whenever he address de audience at these functions; ah have no doubt dat dis is Me-Law’s Ministry, he does sound like ah lone voice in de wilderness, but ah lone voice is easier to hear clearly and to understand dan ah chattering crowd. Ah have no doubt ah lot ah youths are gravitating towards de positive aspect of de program, and more will follow-suite. So Pastors and Bishops, don’t wait foh Me-Law to approach you, offer him your help. Remember while we are singing and clapping to MT pews in Church, Satan out-dey in de Pan Yards wreaking havoc wid de youths.


Lie-Za would get an Awe-ward when it comes to Infestigative Journal-is-him and spreading Spin Doctrine. Long before 2-Kool put out his question bout de Manage-her being sent pon leaf, she had it Hot! Hot! asking me if ah hear de Super Power Store was looking foh someone to watch Cheese pon de shelf. Now de company poly-see is to employ only members ah de Family who is Red to de core. Basically de selectors were looking foh ah animal, preferably ah Cat or even ah Dog, but not any member ah de Row-dint family; dat is ah contradiction because de whole ah dat Family is Red Rats, and furthermore is only Rat de Family does pick foh dey wuk. De team ah selectors pick and re-pick until dey finally came up wid ah candidate, guess what? Ah Red Rat! Right colour, right size to fit in de chair!

But according to de talk pon de street, de Manage-her seemed to have had difficulty wid de selectors; he come-plain how “It was not Fair,” how dat Red Rat belongs to another Famoly ah Cheese eaters sorry, Cheese watchers. Ah beg Lie-Za cool-it, ah nah going down dah road wid she, but to tell me bout de “going pon Leaf” because her story is being challenged. “Who could challenge me” she asked. Yuh should see how she jaw drop when ah told her, de Pry-minister rule she and Too-Kool out as “absolutely ridiculous,” dat de Manage-her told, he de Pry-minister, he was going on leave. Deflated, she asked how come de Manage-her didn’t come-plain and say “It was not Fair” when he did get his wuk, he was at de foot ah de ladder, just started, honest and clean. But is send dey had to send home six ah de top people and, dey still had six more people on de ladder whose head he had to step over, to get way he dey now. But in spite ah all ah dat she want to commend him foh standing up like ah man. So ah asked her how come he didn’t stand up foh de lady who was only doing her job “fair and square,” when she did disconnect de lady from de Pry-minister constituency whose Account was in default.

She refuse to answer but went in ah tangent. She telling me, how all de time she wid Lie-Owe she never knew he was ah Red Rat, how Lie-Owe say he would ah like to get de wuk, not de one to watch de Cheese, de Manage-her wuk, to drive dat “Big Ride!” Is de “Big Ride” got all ah dem tunning stupid.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.