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Bad or good eye-de allergy???

Bad or good eye-de allergy???


De late Glen Jackson would be de Founding Father of Talk Show in SVG, and Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch would have succeeded Glen as de as de “heir apparent.” Glen of course was ah trained Journalist so he knew how to walk de edge and was de witch dat hunted and haunted de James Mitchell’s administration out ah power.

EG on de other hand, learned de profession on de job. He was not trained but is defiant, fearless and exposes de corruption in de ULP. His problem is he would get emotional, lose his ‘cool’, fall into ‘boiling’ water, and frequented de High Court to explain some hot Lie-bill charges.{{more}} But if yuh want to be rated among the top, yuh have to be different. “Too Cool Chris” on Hot 97 Radio in de morning is different and therefore rated as No 1 at mornings. Is de same wid EG, nobody comes no-way close to him on Talk Radio between de hours of 10:30 and 1:45 in de day, dat’s because he too is different. EG literally opened de Nation’s Eye to ah lot ah hot issues in SVG, corruption in Guv-ah-mint was always de headlines. He is loved and hated at de same time and listeners never quite knew what EG was coming wid on ah particular day, dat’s not entirely true, yuh knew foh certain he was going to lick up de Pry Minister and his Guv-ah-mint in de wuss way. But before dat he would read ah lickle something on world affairs, be it Ven-is-wailer’s Chavez, Cuba’s Castro, Finance, Oil-Cry-sis or whatever. Health was his pet subject, being ah Die-or-beat-ache himself, he would read any and everything he comes across. He dealt exclusively on Breast and Pass-Straight Cancer, encouraging de men-folk to go and do de PSA test. People helped demselves to EG’s program airing dey personal problems, from a bad road to unemployment or just trying to raise funds to send a sick relative off foh medical treatment not available hey.

EG would tek over de appeal and give it full publicity. Lickle did he know dat one day he would be on his very own “NDP New Times Call In Program, appealing foh assistance for his own health.

On Chose-dey, it was pain-full listening to ah humbled EG on de Radio Program, laying his cards on de table. He has problems wid his Eyes, not de Victim-Eyes he suffered when Guv-ah-mint took away his Flamingo Club he did build on State owned leased lands; he never received compensation, well not yet, maybe dey might pay him now. But in EG’s own words, he is going blind and can only be helped in a developed country like de US , Canada or de UK, he has no money. Strange he did not mention Cuba, ah country dat has done ah lot ah wuk on people’s Eyes in dis region. Latin America and de Caribbean, including SVG would have benefitted tremendously from de Cuba’s “Miracle Mission” an Eye Surgery Program. De program had projected dat some six hundred thousand persons from the region will receive eye surgery foh FREE over ah ten year period; people from all over were flown to Cuba, way doctors performed over 1, 500 Eye operations daily. Is either 3, 000 or 5,000 Vincies went to Cuba.

But if treatment foh EG’s Eye problem is available in Cuba, and foh FREE, den de logical ting is foh him to go dey, ha! ha! Herein lies de problem, EG is Allergic to de Cuban Eye-de-Allergy, he was never afraid to attack its weaknesses, and he ’s not alone in his feelings. We may not See Eye-to-Eye wid Cuba’s Eye-de-allergy, but its Eye program is making de blind to see!

So wid all ah dat in de mix, EG is seeking help from his compatriots, both at home and abroad in de Die-us-poorer, whom he has given an Eye-opener into way going on hey at home. Like him or not, EG has served dis country well as ah fear-less Talk Show Host, thru his program he has contributed to de preservation of our Freedom and our Rights. When de Awe-position NDP was silent on important issues, was EG who single handedly exposed de wrong doings ah de Guv-ah-mint. We owe him a fair-fah in return, he first opened our Eyes, now it is our turn to return de courtesy and help him open back his Eyes.

Lie-Za feels dat Pry Minister Gone-Soft, EG’s personal and long time friend should come to EG’s assistance in his time of need. She wants on EG’s behalf to challenge de Minister ah Hell’t, Clit-on Bug-in, de new patient on de Ward, but she fraid foh de terrible remarks he made when he dealt wid de three NDP teachers who ran foh elect-shun, failed to win and failed to get back dey jobs. Lie-Za loves to hear Bug-in speak, how his dick-shun does mek him sound wrong. She vex every day Too Cool Chris on Bug-in’s case, just because he, Too Cool could speak like Bug-in better dan Bug-in himself. But Bug-in is ah winner, how else could he beat Dr Lewis by hundreds ah votes. Back to de topic, Plea$e donate ah lickle $$umting to EG’S cause, he needs his Eyes to be able to Talk!.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.