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Burns defends his gold


Monday morning when ah read Kenton Chance’s ‘breaking news’ story that a prominent Trade Unionist was robbed/mugged around the Rio Foods area, just just de un-named victim’s title and de de scene ah de crime told me it had to be Burns.{{more}}

Rio Foods next to de famous Devil Street is Burns stomping grounds from ah youth; ah remember him as an Edinboro-man, but is in dah same Rio Foods area dey he uses to hang wid his contemporaries Derek Morris, Rodway and Bobby Fraser, Luxy Quashie, Mighty and de whole Devil Street gang.

Literally speaking, Burns got bullied and robbed in his second home, in broad day-light. Looking at my calendar, Burns and I were in secondary school around de same time, he got to be seventy, plus or minus one. Yuh can’t dispute de fact dat he looks very young wid black hair (ah suspect ah wig or implant), always stylishly attired, dey flashing ah set ah gold chains and bangles tempting robbers; just fancy his jewels earned him ah duel. And den as ah Talk-show host he also sounds robust like ah scenes-man pon radio, spurting out ULP prop-ah-gang-dah; but it burns me to hear way happen to Burns.

De incident is pathetic and prophetic, ah nearly say profit-tec. Why Pathetic? because Burns, ah born athlete/swimmer, now challenged foh his pull-it-to-kill acrobatic/athletic skills, was at one time ah shining light within de Trade Union Movement in SVG and de wider Caribbean, way he served foh many years as General Secretary of de Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL). It won’t surprise me if Burn’s assailant, whose identity is yet to be disclosed, just turns out to be an indirect beneficiary of de fruits from Burn’s toil as ah Trade Unionist, ah prophecy come true way ”de robber bit de very hand dat fed him bread.” But November 2011 has been ah ruff month foh Burns. Ah read way he was booed and jeered when he delivered greetings at de Teachers Union Rally two weeks ago, dat must have burn Burns. He no doubt is unjustifiably paying foh de sins of his uncle Milton, under whose administration de Teachers were tear gassed, soon to be named ‘National Hero’. Now my friend Burns got to be careful, protect yuh-self not yuh material things, life is more important dan ah gold chain.


Well my time in Canada is up, my treatment finish and my Doctors Catton, ah Canadian and Cuthbert, ah Trinny, say ah could safely go home now. So ah ready to move back home. It has been ah long, but rewarding three months undergoing Radiation Therapy. Ah want to jump up and shout, but I am humbled by ah story in de Bible. Soon after Jesus had brought back ah lickle girl to life, two blind men stalked Him begging Him de ‘Son of David’, to have pity and mercy on dem. Jesus told dem if dey believe dat He could mek dem see, den by dey Faith and Trust and Reliance den dey will see; He touched dey eyes and dey eyes opened. Dis is de part ah de story ah can’t figure out; dey wanted to go and Jump up and wave but Jesus told dem “See dat yuh let no one know about dis.” Dat didn’t stop de men, dey went off and blazed and spread Jesus’ fame abroad throughout de whole district. In my case, ah told Dr Catton dat ah know scientific part ah de healing wuk, but like de two blind men, I too, am a strong believer in Christ and my Faith, Trust and Reliance on prayers from all quarters have helped me thru as well.

He told me he never crosses wid ah man’s Religious belief and Faith, he too has seen it wuk foh many, but he wants me to go home and tell all de men wid prostate problems dat healing is now available, dey must go or come and get de treatment and be healed or cured.

Ah will do what Dr Catton says, but ah will do like de two blind men and much more. Ah will use my valuable experience to woo people to commit dey lives to Christ.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy