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Dey will all fall eventually


Foh de whole week ah dey glued to de TV watching de demise ah former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak, de Pharaoh-like dictator.{{more}} Mr. Mubarak who foh thirty years, dominated de Egyptian landscape wid 80 million people, is now reduced to a crippled, 83-year-ole man. He was a sorry sight to watch pon TV as he appeared on ah stretcher, dressed in white prison uniform, locked in ah mesh and iron cage, to answer to charges of corruption and foh ordering de killing of anti Guv-ah-mint protestors. It was estimated dat some 840 protesters were killed and, 6,000 injured during de 18 day uprising dat took place in Egypt back in January/ February dis year, before Mubarak was finally brought to his knees. Ah Middle East reporter describes him as one who ruled by intimidation, who infiltrated any semblance of formation of ah pull-it-to-kill movement. It is estimated dat over 30 million Egyptians are living in poverty today. Interestingly, Mubarak never appointed ah deputy president, instead he anointed one ah his sons, Gamal as his successor, ah Dick-taker policy ah suppose. But both Mubarak and his anointed are being tried foh crimes.

As ah watched, ah said to me-self, Power not only corrupts, it destroys ultimately. De Mubarak story is ah significant lesson foh Emancipated People on dis side ah de globe, those in POWER, those wid pull-it-tek-all aspirations to assume POWER, and those who remain mute and blind as de early evidence ah Dick-take-ah-ship gradually washes ashore wid de tide in these islands, SVG included. How eye-run-ache, “More-Bar-racks from iron and steel Bars foh president More-Bar-rack”!


Ah want to big up ah few people. First is “Small Man”, one ah me villagers. Ah don’t believe any ah de younger generation in de village know him by his real name, Matthias Browne. “Small Man” was short from morning, tek after Miss Rachael, his mom, in fact all ah his siblings short, his sister Emily who runs ah lickle Cuisine on Murray Road is pleasingly plump, but just as short.

As ah boy growing up ah remember Miss Rachael ah poor woman living obliquely opposite me, struggling wid ah house full ah kids. But she was blessed wid ah rare gift, all ah de P’s: Pure, Pleasant and Polite, and de kids turned out to be Productive.

Small Man is ah “Hustler”, meks ah honest dollar how he can, whether by his wood carving or running his red, open back pick-up; lately he’s into some serious music, ah self taught musician who plays de Bass Guitar. He’s ah Proud, Practising Christian who is part of a Musical Gospel Group named, “Christ’s Reflectors” from some way up in Carrierre.

De Group has just produced its first CD, “Jesus is Coming”; there are 12 tracks, six of which are originals and our boy “Short Man” wrote three of dem, de other three are by Hermis Lewis, Vick Lee Joseph and Gideon John. De album was produced by Junior Sutherland who did a good job mixing and putting de material together.

Ah must say de album provides good listening foh me just before retiring at nights. Now dat so many individuals and groups are producing dey material on CD’s, Lie-Za is suggesting dat all of de local Radio Stations mek it ah policy to play at least sixty minutes ah day ah locally produced material: Gospel, Kaiso, Reggae, Poetry, Pan etc. den she tell me dey must open and close de “sixty minutes” wid Skinny’s song, “De Beast Ley Go”, dah’s sponsored by de Tour-is-him Dept to promote SVG. Dat song is ah accurate piece ah prophetic writing foh SVG.


Ah was telling Lie-Za dat Dr Camille Nicholls is me fren, and how she so modest, she might not tek it kindly if ah jump ahead ah she and write say she is now ah FRCOG, joining Dr Garraway and other colleagues. But ah have to tek her deceased father’s share ah de joy. Calvin and I wuk in de same ministry foh years, and ah know how he proud ah his children, but he was always extremely modest about dey success. When Camille became ah doctor, he said nothing, just asked if Camille spoke to me yet, den he said “I think she will come to see yuh.”

So congrats are foh Camille and foh Lie-Za’s info, FRCOG stands foh Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She not satisfied, she say she thought Fellow was ah male.


And finally special congrats to NEMO, dey got it right dis time, rain and more rain, seven inches ah Rain. Usually NEMO is either late wid weather forecasts, absent or when dey say “prepare foh bad weather”, yuh could pack yuh lunch kit and carry de family on ah picnic.

So much so dat Ken John reminded me dat in Latin NEMO means No one or No man. So kudos foh Ms Forbes foh calling it right, and Brag-star who did ah fantastic job clearing one ah de worse landslide ever in Murray’s Village.

And Lie-Za say NEMO could now twist round de acronym to ME-NO, dey NO way dey saying; ah ask her what about MO-NE she say dat would be lying, de country ain’t got no MO-NE!

And wid dat, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.