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Murder advantage


Ah looked at Keith Mc Lean on TV lying on Hospital bed, beaten and bruised foh rebuking three fellars from painting party signs pon his mothers property wall. Keith by profession is ah trained computer expert, he migrated to de US wid his parents when he was just ah kid. He had a serious car accident in de states, he was badly damaged, injury to his his back and leg, he walks wid discomfort wid de support of a cane; he is back home wid his dear wife.{{more}} Keith might be small but he is ah fighter like his deceased dad, Ken Mc Lean. All he was doing is forbidding de guys from further defacing his mother’s property wid red paint. Dey were defiant, and when he tried using his cell phone to call de police foh help, dey attacked him. Imagine ah half crippled man beaten wid ah shovel in front ah his helpless mother, she too received lashes.. I am really upset, rathed to rathed, unacceptable behaviour. What pains me is dat while supporters foolishly fighting-up, shooting-up, chopping-up, getting into trouble foh dey party, de candidates wid-out ah scratch, dey going along merrily accompanied by some ah de most seasoned criminals as body Guards. Lie-Za say she nearly passed out when she see de PM, surrounded by police security all decked off in ULP Red T-shirts. De first ting ah want de nex Guv-ah-mint to do, is pass ah Law to ban all pull-it-tek-all posters during elections, and no nastying up ah de streets wid paint saying who to vote fah!


Jules Ferdinand was at his very best in his column last week. He declared de poze ah Prime Minister vacant, nominated two candidates, Ralph and Arm-in, and set five multiple choice questions to answer, to help us in our selection. Ah say multiple choice because ah only answering question number five, de one on Truthfulness. All along de experts in everyting come-plained how Arm-in was backward, had no vision, no plan foh de country no nothing. Seems he either had nothing in truth or he was doing his home work. However he has finally responded to all accusations, and maybe it is too good to be true, but ah believed Eustace when he say he was having discussions all along wid prospective investors who are now willing to come and wuk wid ah NDP non-common-is regime. But de experts on everyting are saying now he lie, he impractical, it’s all desperation. Ah know Arm-in long time, ah remember him when he entered Grammar School, obviously more handsome den, even though he had begun to get bald, he nevertheless had more hair dan now and less belly. We met again when he returned from Canada as Admin Cadet at Agriculture, it was he who gave me my briefing when it was my turn to go off to Canada. When ah returned, we met yet again, he was my PS. At de ministry we respected him foh his fearless, frank and blunt manner of dealing wid departmental matters. As was expected, he soon got into trouble wid Joshua, his Minister. Ah lot ah small business people were prosecuted foh not paying dey Traders License; de Bailiff, Prick London, boldly prosecuted some big businessmen who were leading Labour Party supporters, naturally dey complained to Cato, who in turn told Joshua to withdraw dey cases. Joshua approached Arm-in instructing him to withdraw dey cases; He refused, walked off de job on ah matter ah principle and went fishing wid Kerwyn Morris. Ah have never known Arm-in to be one who would compromise on de truth, ah believe he would rather lose an election dan to tell lies to swing votes in his favour. Lie-Za tell me nah write no more, how ah sound like ah countering Mrs Eloise Gonsalves’ endorsement ah she husband’s character in de TV Ad. Don’t trust dat Lie-Za eh, she say if she was Eloise, she would ah have Ms Andrews, de policewoman at her side to second her endorsement, and den she asking me what ah think. Ah beg she hard to leave me out ah husband and wife ah-fear!

DEJA VU Last week ah touch on ah note dat needs to be replayed. Ah want to remind our people dat God is neither ULP nor NDP, He does not vote, but it is God who puts Guv-ah-mints in place and is de same God who does remove dem. He sees thru de NME of his people wid all ah dey hidden plans, tricks, deception and fraud; He knows what’s in de darkness, what’s in de hearts ah wicked men. Best of all, He also listens to de Prayers of His people and in His own time, He answers every prayer. After all de cussing and fighting, slandering, cheating, distribution ah US $$$ dis weekend to swing votes, some people even anticipate blood-shed, whatever; come Monday night, de Lord would have spoken, and dey will be a new Guv-ah-mint. Ah look at way going on, and my gut feeling is dat de Riff-around-dem results last No..vember, reflected ah lack ah de people’s faith in de Administration, things have not changed except ah lot ah Galvanize, cement, lumber and US$$ dey to share out. Whether dat will cause de votes to swing tings back in ULP’s favour is anybody’s guess, My guess however is dat de results will be another Riff-around-dem. Déjà vu! What ever you do on Monday, mek sure yuh vote. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.