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Not Me and Dem Young Pull-It-Ah-Shun

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My faith foh SVG rests in de youths, BUT ley me mek it clear dat ah talking bout dem youths dat looking foh personal development de hard way, beginning wid dedicated studies followed by committed service. Ah mention dis because ah see ah bunch ah young faces gracing de Pull-it-tek-all arena, Eye-n-I have no faith in not one ah dem. Ah look at dem, ah listen to dem , and ah see right thru and thru dey deception, and two word keep coming to me mouth: ”Lazy Trick-stars”!{{more}} Looking foh power to use and abuse de people and de wealth ah dis blessed land of ours. What do you mek of ah young graduate who just out ah school, qualified pon paper only, ain’t put in ah day’s wuk, in fact ain’t know what ah day’s wuk look like, coming to tell you dey ready to run de country.

So ah will walk de lent and bret ah dis land sifting thru what’s available. Starting wid what obtains now, is Gomry Daniel, ah Native Carib, trained and experienced Agriculturalist, Our-root down, Farine down, Banana down, Farmers morale down, Gomry got to tek blame. Dug Slate-ah ah doctor, tun out to be uninspiring and lacklustre stint as minister for our medical services. Rene Baptiste, ah natural go-get-her gets an “A” plus. Jeer-all Tom-son “talk too many”, mind you he gets ah “B” pass mark, but he talks to darn “much ado about noting”! Mike Browne is/was not de Mike of your oops, yore! Didn’t deliver as was expected, probably burnt out both fizz-he-kill and udder-wise. Glen Beach is doing last what he should ah done first, going and wuk in de private sector and get ah taste of what wuking foh yuh dearly bread is all about. Many years ago ah rename Girl-in as one of three lilies ah de Valley, Olivia Da Silva and Eilene Bailey were de other two. But like de lily, de dignified Girl-in with her fine dick-shun and art-tek-her-late manner of speech, turned out to be just colour and odour. Subservience to Ralph almost ruined her. And much de same could be said of Sir Louis. Conrad Sayers is a victim of his spiritual abandonment. Ah begged Conrad not to get into politics, ah told him den, dat his calling was wid de Lord’s Ministry, his wife who was present, quickly interrupted and told me ah had it wrong, dat his calling was in politics, dat she had seen it in ah vision. Some vision she had! How can we not luv Turn-clay or Clay-turn Bug-in, he went into pull-it-ticks, sans grammar, sans diction, humble wid good intentions and has not changed or you might want to say, has not improved. Sell-man Walters went in as ah “man” and got cut down to ah “boy”, Sell-boy! Sell-man, dey’s lots ah vacancies in de Master’s Vin-yard waiting foh yuh, thou good and fate-ful servant. I refuse to deal wid de Prime Minister, de man who, one moment he in sack-cloth and ashes and de next moment he spitting venom and hatred like ah Shy-knees drag-on; our Dr Jah-kill and Mister Hide dat is facing self destruction.


On ah hopeful note, I am inspired by “de lickle Black Gel and dem” who are shining lights foh young people. De two young ladies in de sciences, Miss Kamecia Blake, de expert in far-reign-sick science and Shafia London, ah rising Entrepreneur. Miss Blake whose appointment might have been better accepted inside, if her placement was civilian, was appointed to ah senior position in our police force, totally deficient in her expertise. My add-vice to those policemen whose veer-shun is hindered by jel-us-see, to re-open de text books, go visit Dr Fraser at de UWI school of continuing studies or Dr War-he-can at de Community College, go seek guide-thence in furthering your education, get qualified and demand promotion, don’t be nigger-tiff and become objectionists, move up from having to beg and suck-up foh promotion.

Next is Shafia London who tek de in-deep- and-dent route. Ah former Island Scholar who went foh de sciences, specializing in Bio-chemical Engineering and Business Management. Dis daring, young professional, still in her twenties, has taken de bold and progressive step of acquiring “Villamar”, a local company recognized foh processing good quality local products: smoked fish, fruits, dairy ting like your-gut etc. Ah want to personally beg the wukers who would have been wid de Villamar from morning, to give “dis lickle black gel” all yuh full-all help, give her de same respect and dedication to wuk dat all yuh gave de white man. And Shafia, let it be reciprocal, be patient and humble wid yuh own people to de extreme, give dem opportunities where none previously existed. And to de rest ah we, look out and ask foh “Villamar” products and buy at least one item when yuh shop. And business-men, subscribe to Villamar products. Ah would not be balanced if ah don’t mention nutting bout de pull-it-tek-all bunch standing in de door-way waiting to go inside and tek office. Ah will leave dat to readers’ own judgement and ah-sess-mint. What ah look fah in ah candidate is honesty and humility, and past record if any in de field ah wuk! Ah got ah sound canine cussing from de present P.M. when ah said, ah will vote Arm-in Eustace every day ah de week and twice pon ah Sunday. Ah want to change dat to “twice every day in de week and four times on ah Sunday”! Ah can’t wait to hear de ULPull-it-to-kill reaction to dis!


Lie-Za was watching de In-deep-and-dance parade; she phone when it was raining to draw my attention to de umbrella dat provided coverage foh de PM during his rain. She swear de name CLICO was stamped big and bowl on it. Teks Lie-Za to see dat. Guess what? Tri Tri Chose-dey and Whens -dey. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy