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Ah Manifesto Constitution


As we get closer to November 25th, it is becoming more and more obvious dat de real reason to hold dis “Vote No, Vote Yes” Riff-around-dem Calm Pain now, and no putting off, is foh de ruling party to mek ah trial run foh de nex general election.

Listening to de discussions on Radio and TV, and even de talk on de street, reading de large number ah letters in de opinion pages in de papers, one can only conclude dat ah great deal ah good constitutional material has been omitted, and de message dat is coming out loud and clear, is dat de Constitutional Bill dat was passed in de House ah Par-liar-mint, is incomplete.{{more}} To say dat it is too late now to mek changes is ah poor excuse; what is de hurry. And it is unacceptable foh dem to say: “at least what we are getting in de new Constitution is better dan de existing one”. While dey’s no such thing as ah perfect Constitution, it seems like people were expecting ah Document dat represented ah more accurate and comprehensive account of de six years of town hall meetings at home and abroad, soliciting people’s input, receiving submissions and contributions foh ah new Constitution. Any thing less dan dat seems like we heading foh ah straight “Vote No”!

But as ah say before, dis Riff-around-dem is foh de ruling party to test dey pull-it-tek-all strength. And dat is why dey could be some truth in de talk dat de Guv-ah-mint will spend four million dollars to ensure dey get ah “Vote Yes”. After de voting, dey will be lots ah serious implication foh de side dat looses, foh either side de Guv-ah-mint or Awe-position, it could mean de beginning ah de end foh Sir James and Arm-in on one side are de de-mice of Ralph and PR. It will be de tale of how brer Nansi trap de coco-bay. Actually de winner could be off to ah big jump start foh de upcoming general elections. Only time will tell.

And ah don’t like how parts ah de Constitution is being used as ah Manifesto, “Vote Yes” if yuh want such and such in de new Constitution. If yuh want to get rid ah de Queen den “Vote Yes”. From de time dey touch de Queen, lie-Za turn Red sorry, Yellow! “Ah wants no other face pon de money but de Queen’s” she said. Foh my part, Ah cannot Vote Yes foh ah Constitution dat supports hanging. Mek it worse dey using it as ah Manifesto, Sorry No!


Ah feeling sorry foh Sir Ah-land Sandford, described as de million-nay who made his millions as ah Spongy schemer. He is now in prisons waiting foh his try-all and de news say he got into ah fight, got beat-up and was kicked by ah prisoner! Fancy de man dat prospered on Kick-backs, who was wid de birds in Ant-eager, kick-in up ah storm, was literally kicked-off in prison. Wonder what he thinking now?

Reminds me of Brer Lion, king ah de jungle, beating up on everybody, finally he got ole and disabled, muscles worn, his teeth all gone and his claws shaking. He decided to mek one last appearance, go down town and pick on ah weakling just to show dat he still has it. Ah big mistake, he confronted de Ass who immediately swung around and landed two kicks and sent Brer Lion sprawling. Wounded wid shame, Brer Lion said: “ to be kick by anyone is shameful, but foh de king to be kicked by of all persons, an Ass, is like being ah LCD, Lowest Common Denominator. Ah guess Sir Ah-land saying de same thing too” “Me, ah Knight kicked in jail by ah jail-bud”. Ah believe dem unfortunate people who did invest dey money wid Sandford and got ripped-off instead, must be smiling and saying dah kick Sandford got is just de Kick-back he did promise dem on de investment! And wid dat, is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.