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Nah mek Satan get yuh rev


“In de land of Uz there lived ah man name Job, he was blameless and upright, feared God and shun evil….Then de Lord said to Satan, have yuh considered my servant Job? Dey’s no one on earth like him.” And after dat, Satan went to wuk pon Job.

My Met-dis friend de Rev Job was fast becoming like de Job of Uz. Mind yuh he was not perfect, but he was beginning to speak out, ah said ‘beginning to speak out’ on matters of injustices an issues dat would mek those in Authority blink. At one time Lie-Za was saying dat she frighten foh Job how he speaking out, Satan will soon start to wuk pon him.{{more}} How he sounded like ah man wid ah passion, or maybe just another man who getting short change from high up. So it was no surprise when ah heard de PM say he going on ah wuking hola-dey, one ah de destinations is Rome and he carrying Rev Job. Excuse me, Hello! Did he say Rome, home of de Catholics. Yes he did. Is he carrying Rev Job to kiss de Pope’s ring too, or is dey some plot to convert Rev Job to Cart-lix-is-him, or vice versa, Job will convert de Pope to Met-dis-is-him? Ah reserve my comments on dis because Rev Job is my friend, we sat to-gather on de Christian Council. Ah know him to be firm on matters ah principle, my sins-here hope is dat dis trip to Rome is foh what it’s worth, ah trip, an appreciation for, and not ah token appreciation in anticipation of ah job or is it ah Job to be done; because very soon dey’ll be some serious issues on which men like Rev Job will have to “speak out”! Nah mek satan get yuh Job.


Time flies in truth. Twelve years ago ah surrendered my life to Christ and I am enjoying every day of that Relationship. At first ah was zealous like Peter, ready to use de sword and cut off de ears of anyting dat look like sin. But studying de Bible in particular de “Life of Jesus Christ” has helped me to reach ah level of maturity and understanding of things dat ah never had. My favourite story is de one wid de woman caught in de act, committing Adultery, no mention is made of de man. However de people took de woman alone to Jesus to pronounce sentence. It is clear to me dat “stoning her to death” was not among God’s Law, otherwise Jesus would have given dem de go ahead. But he didn’t. He told dem (us) to check on dem-selves (ourselves) first. In other words leave judgement and sentencing to God.

I am on dis topic because last week de papers had ah field day on two men found naked in ah jeep, in ah secluded place at an ungodly hour. Ah believe dat dey were into sex. Dey was ah time when ah story like dat would ah bin ju-c material foh me to write ah column. On reflection, dat was not good Christianity.

Ah overs de men weren’t allowed to put on clothes and were kept naked at de station, ah don’t believe. Ah overs too, dat de papa-rats-see were tipped off by police, as to when and way to wait for their arrival at de Courts, but de good Lord spoke thru Colin Williams de DPP who put ah hold on proceedings, and so averted what would ah been ah No 1 sensational front page story, no doubt ah photo ah de guys would ah get photo ah de year.

But in all ah dis, doesn’t it bother us dat in today’s society, young girls looking foh wuk, fraid to go alone in de offices of certain men; dat’s OK I suppose, it’s straight sex. Ah married man gets ah big thumbs up foh sleeping wid another man’s wife, sometimes two or three women; while our young men, are branded as criminals, tried and get sent to prison foh possession of ah small portion ah Marie Warner. Pastor Samuel at Welfare Dept crying out dat too many 12 and 13 year old girls getting pregnant, some raped in dey own home by fathers and step-fathers; Samuel wants dey balls cut out. I ask way de Police dem dey, way de Reporters dey? Is it asking too much of dem to check de Mat Wards at de Hospital, den investigate some ah these cases, and publish dey findings.

Should I say dat certain people are fortunate to have dey pictures on de front page foh Rape and buggery, but foh others no one dare to comment. Dishonest Bank clerks dig deep into people’s savings and are allowed to escape, leave de country widout even as much as leaving ah statement wid de Police. Now ah have to use de word alleged when ah say dat four men of high ranks including ah drugs man, were allegedly seen on ah beach at an ungodly hour one night. People almost got jailed widout trial foh mouthing about it. On de other hand, two men found naked, allegedly in homosexual act, had everybody waiting to “stone dem to death”. And I believe dat if Jesus had passed by when de police were dehuman-eyes-sin de fellars, and de Reporters wid camera shutters opened and tape recorders set, waiting foh dey story, He would ah do it all over again, “stoop down, write something on de ground, and tell dem ‘who among you is widout sin, start pelting yuh stones”!

What ah find to be most interesting is dat all ah we doing we best to get to Heaven, so we think; ah got me doubts, because we still not learning de lickle acts of forgiveness dat Jesus demonstrated graphically when he was on earth in flesh, it’s now over two thousand years since he left, and dey still not resonating wid us. My question is, how do we plan to get to Heaven. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.