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It was all Obama


Ole people say every Dog ha’ he Day when he’s ah star. Dey’s Doctor Day when our life depends on his verdict. Pastors got dey Sun-dey too, and de congregation we tek Sunday, when we want everybody in Church to believe dat we holier dan St Peter. And who say Pull-ah-trick-hans ain’t got their day. Check when dey getting sworn into office, dey would mek yuh believe dey are de Saviour. Not to mention when dey mek dey appearance at ah big Con-friends or ah Some-hit. Lard, watch how all dem Pull-it-tek-all Leaders behave at de Some-hit in T’n’T last week.{{more}} Stiff and straight in jack-kits looking upright and sounding as though dey represent de ultimate in De-mock-we-see. But check out some ah dem track record at home, dey will mek people like Al Capone, Baby Face Nelson, Jack-de-Rape-her and Add-all-foh Hit-law look like Sun-dey school kids. As Lie-Za was saying, surely somebody could ah remind dem dat we are in de month ah April, as in All Fool Dey, de worse month foh anybody especially polly-to-shun to try to get people to believe anyting dey say.

Ah liked de presentation by President Christina Fernandez of Argentina, famous for her combative speeches. She lived up to her reputation and got ah good reception at de Some-hit. She presented de case for Cuba’s return to de OAS very well. Interestingly since elected, Mrs Fernandez approval rating at home has plummeted to an unprecedented 23 per cent.

Den we had ah marathon by President Ortiga of Nicaragua. He spent ah hour going down memory Lane’s dark ally, reminding de Some-hit of de atrocities ah de US- backed Contras, his land reform and wealth distribution program in his 1985-1990 term dat was undermined by de US. But while he washed he-self lily-white, he is not all dat Mr Clean, he got his share ah sex abuse allegations wid his 11-year-ole step daughter. But guess what, as ah member ah Per-liar-mint, he had immunity from prosecution “de-jah-fe-yu”, pardon my French! De Caricom speakers did not let us down, Manning and Barrow. Ah did not hear our PM on dat day.

But de Air freshener came when President Obama took centre stage. Dem pull-it-to-kill rogues mek Obama look like ah Pearl-ethical Virgin. Whereas American presidents of de past, had dat ole perpetual cocky ear, dat mightier dan de rest attitude, not dis new kid on de block. Hey’s ah young Black Man, president ah de world’s most powerful and richest nation, who prefers to be de great listener who seeks foh common-ground where others seek foh Common-ness. Mr Obama has brought new meaning to Humility. He’s Humble and willing to apologize foh any, no not any, but Many ah de wrong doings perpetrated by his predecessors and his countrymen. Where others were gallery-ing, de US President was brief, straight to de point. He recognized de need foh Mutual Partnership if de region must move forward, no more “US is de Boss”! He was quick to recognize de significant contribution dat Cuba, ah poor and lickle country, is doing in medicine thru-out de region, as compared to de sell-fish motive ah de US, putting money in de region only to stop de Drugs from getting into de US. Is early yet but ah have faith in dis young man and ah believe dat tings could improve between de US and Carry-Come, and will even extend beyond to our Latin brothers and sisters.


No sooner we heard from Obama on Fry-dey, de following night we had Mr Humility himself, dis great Vincentian son, Justice Saunders, starring at de National Sports Council Awards. Man he gave ah trim-an-dust address at de Presentation, was ah sat-dey night special. His language was simple and straight from and to de “Heart”, his ole party symbol. Saunders was born here, grew up in de Murray Village setting, among de tick and de tin, played street cricket, developed ah good Table Tennis wrist. So, it was not surprising dat he made ah fresh appeal on behalf ah de many talented, youngsters in Sports who are deprived and denied of de basic needs. It was ah speech written for de man on de street, simple grass-root language but strong words from de Wise oops, not de Me-lay-in-um Wise. Judge Adrian is anguished like most of us are, wid de way his home-land, our society has deteriorated into ah very low-level human civil-lies-say-shun, ah pull-it-to-kill dis-criminal-lies-say-shun. He made de point dat we seem to have denigrated to what some ah we call ah “colour-ah-clothes” society, way while he’s at home here in SVG, he finds himself having to be conscious of down to de very colour T-shirt he wears. Ah want to look at de address again so ah begging SVG TV, please play back Justice Saunders’ address foh dem youths to see.


Wow, de PM having his own ‘Home Coming’, he gone to Portugal, back to Mad-area way de family come from. Den he goes to Rome, to see de Pope foh blessings foh de upcoming elect-shun. Full Blessings is preceeded by seeking forgiveness and pin-his family goes wid him including his dear Mom but yuh didn’t hear dat from me, lef dat foh E.G. Linch. And den to I-ran to meet president Ah-mad-in-Ejad wid de good news dat finally, de All-Bar boys have met Oh-bam-her and officially have Gone-Soft (PM), and he should tek “time-Out”, He too must chill. And wid dat is time foh me to chill too, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.