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Mr. PM, yuh election date wrong


De Arithmetic is pointing towards Elections dis year and soon too. De Prime Minister will want us to believe otherwise but his actions speak loudly. Last time around de dates were revealed to him while reading de life of Bishop St. Augustine, and den it all came to full light by references in de Book ah Rev-all-yuh-shun, the clash ah dey sevens, ah tink was dat same Book he was reading when de spec ah blood appeared from no where on de page, Keith Joseph did tek “just another look” and say was lizard blood. Well de Big Man is back wid his ole Pull-it-tek-all Mist-tick self, playing numerology with chapter and verse from de Holy Bible.{{more}} Yes all of ah sudden he found out dat Psalm 118 is the middle book in de Bible and verse 8 is de middle verse. De Arithmetic will suggest dat Elections could tek place in June, de middle month ah de year, and Monday de eighth day. If dat is his form-yuh-law, ah have bad news foh de PM. Psalm 118 is in fact de middle book ah the Bible, but contrary to popular belief, verse 8 is not de middle verse of de Bible. In de King James version, there are exactly 31,102 verses in de Bible, and dey’s no one middle verse as such, is two middle verses and dey are found in Psalm 103, verses 1 and 2. If de PM had pinned his date on Psalm 118 verse 8, he will have to revisit de Holy Book, but ley me warn him, Man who all time love play wid de Holy Book does get hook.

Another sign of early elections is his record breaking performance in de House ah Par-liar-mint dis week, way he seconded ah Motion tabled by de Opposition to introduce Integrity Legislation foh all members of Par-liar-mint and certain senior public officers. Remember Sir Vin-Sin did promise to resign if de ULP did not bring Integrity Legislation within 100 days of taking office. Dey did not and Sir Vin-Sin did not either, instead he re-signed to serve. De Opposition NDP could claim de Motion but de Guv-ah-mint will say dey passed it, and de Prime Minister will claim an election promise full-filled. But in any event de Bill will not affect most of de current ministers, dey are not likely to be be running or getting back.

When yuh hear de PM say “Ah Cry-Sis is ah bad ting to waste,” borrowed from “ah mind is ah terrible ting to waste”, he got Pull-it-tek-all plans. De world Cry-sis will hit dis region in full force by next year, he not waiting till de full effect ah de anticipated E-can-nah-mek Soon-ah-me hits SVG, He plans to cap-it-all-lies on de Cry-Sis calling elections dis year.

Now any Guv-ah-mint dat is contemplating ah snap Elections got to clean up its desk, remove all negative images like poor medical services, pot-holes all over de country; still-born babies, disabled and unfinished projects. It is clear like Cry-stall dat de PM does not intend to tek blame foh de incompetence of any Minister or Public Servant. All dis is evident in his carefully planned verbal attack on his Chief Priests, Scribes and Public-hans at de last Forum for senior Public Servants and senior Cabinet Ministers.

And after horse-in around foh almost six years; amidst negative chants from skeptics dat we were witnessing ah still-born project, today, wid not even ah single shovel of sand dug, except de one at de over drama-ties ground breaking ceremony, de official word is dat de National Stay-dum Project at Die-man Estate will be shelved indefinitely, due to de world E-can-nah-mek Cry-sis. So no home foh Football or Athletics, Arnos Vale is ah Black Elephant, no more white Elephant, lef de whites alone, except Ah-land Standford.

Ah suppose we can expect ah similar announcement explaining dat de hand-he-cap Cross Country Road, dat dey locked away in ULP, or is it de Tie-One-knees Intensive Care Unit will be delayed further and indefinitely due to de Whirl Cry-Sis also.


Finally de Argyle Airport is going great guns, except dat we on to greater stuff, ancient history. Not as much wuk going on above ground as we seeing underground way dey digging hell hard, unearthing our Ancestors. Dey’ve found ah whole community dat dwelt in de area over two thousand years ago, dat’s around de same time Jesus was performing miracles in de East.

Argyle is always dear to my heart, I have my paternal Grand-father’s birth certificate dated 1868, and it states dat his parents Amelia Lewis and James Robert Alexander both lived on de Argyle Estate, obviously Amelia and James’ parents were slaves, born on the Estate. Come to tink of it, any time ah pass thru Argyle in de night ah swear ah does hear friendly voices calling Bassaay me, got to be dem ole people.

Everybody excited saying how dis Archeological discovery is ah massive historic find, ah great booster foh our Tour-is-him, but not ah man raise ah voice to say we desecrating our ancestors resting place and it is wrong. I guess it’s too late now but dat area should have been declared sacred ground and preserved.

Disturbing de dead is serious business, we better be careful we don’t end up wid ah Jumbie Airport wid our ancestors’ Jumbies in full occupation. Wouldn’t dat be fun, at nights when Airport officially closed, all de workers gone home, Airport in full swing, Jumbie in de Control Tower, Jumbie giving directions on de Ground as M.T. aircrafts landing and taking off like madness, who else but Jumbie Pilots, and wid dem pretty Arawack/Indian, female flight attendants, dressed in topless grass skirts, Jumbie or no Jumbie, ah bet dem fellars will want to use de night flights Get me out ah dey! And wid dat is gone I gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.