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Does Jomo have ah message?


I am amused at how Jomo Thomas’ writings could create so much ah problems foh both pull-it-to-kill parties here. In de ULP dey glad dey don’t have to deal wid JomO any more. Ah don’t think dey ever appreciated him getting too close to de party in de first place, and many come-plane say dey couldn’t overs how he just land down here and get de SIF big job wid house and jeep. But dey all recognize dat Jomo is politically sharp, smart, well read and has pull-it-to-call aspirations, so if and when Gonsalves goes, and Jomo’s around, it could be problematic as he could very well present himself as ah candidate foh de leadership; dis of course will not be in keeping wid de planned dynasty. The chain is expected to run from Gonsalves to Gonsalves, as it went from Beach to Beach.{{more}}

And in de NDP camp dey share de same resentment foh Jomo, so much so dat when Jomo big up Arm-In or de NDP, dey become nervous and suspicious, “Jomo wants to come over now ULP don’t want him”; and right away dey would refuse to accept Jomo’s genuine comment. Something tells me dat when de Gonsalves/Eustace era is over, ah void will be left in Vincy politics and the vacancies will be filled from among the groups dat include current senators and young lawyers, rest assured Jomo Thomas will be among dat short list. If ah dead Ants go bring de news.

Today Jomo is like ah messenger who keeps delivering unsavoury and disturbing news, most ah de time is naked truth though. And in SVG we know too well what to do wid de messengers when dey bring news dat ain’t to our likeness. Is Jomo who got it to bear, if he writes about de Cleanliness of Arm-In, is licks from ULP supporters, and if he ain’t want ah four hour beating on Nice Radio’s “Letter from de Ground”, he better don’t mention anything nice bout Gonsalves like his cleanliness and Inner-scent.

Jomo style is not new. May I remind us dat not so long ago some of our brilliant young people came back from Universities bursting wid I-dare, people like de late Kerwyn Morris, Ken John, Eddie Griffith, Arm-In to name ah few, and of course PR, Lie-Za’s friend. She says how PR tries these days to be so Balanced dat he Over does it sorry, dat should be, he is now Over Balanced. But wid all good intention de men dem grouped into an Education Forum, dat scared de powers dat was, who gave de Group de pull-it-tek-all 4H treatment : “Hunted, Haunted, Harassed and Hell” One by one dey began cutting down de tree before de group start to spread branches. Same thing wid UPM and DFM, cut down and rejected. Interestingly today, members of all ah those groupings now form de nucleus ah de Guv-ah-mint and Opposition, never mind dey opposing each other on some ah de same principles. We have not learned from those treasured memories, couldn’t Jomo be ah resurrected voice crying out dey, at least we could listen widout trying to destroy de young man. And is not only Jomo but other young voices crying wid different concerns. We must listen even though dey might not be singing de tune we want to hear. Remember foh many of us is de only tune we know, de same ole Khaki pants tune.


Four years ago when ah watched Obama on TV addressing the Democratic Convention, ah was inspired the same week in my column to predict that he will be the next president of de USA. Seems like dat prediction is about to come true, but first Mr Obama has to get pass Senator Hilary “de Hilarious” Clinton, de first lady to duck foh cover from de snipers bullets in Bosnia, when confronted about dat incident by people who were present, she claims she miss Pork. When husband does lie and wife tun round and start ah lie too, ole people uses to say “she husband “spit” in she mouth” Monica Lewinski will tell yuh it is not “spit” at all!

Some Chief of Staff Hilary will make. And we thought George Bush was de limit when he swore dat “weapons of mass destruction” were in Iraq, he too miss Pork.

In de meantime Hilary and Obama doing an Aesopp Fable in their race to de White House. Aesop tells about de bear and de Lion dat had caught ah goat, skinned it but it was obvious dat de lickle goat was not enough foh ah meal foh one much more de two ah dem, so when dey were ready to eat, trouble! Big argument over who should get de more, dey soon broke out into fight. While dey fought ah dirty battle, Brer Fox cunningly looked on as dey pelt blows, bite and scrat each other foh half hour. Tired, dey collapsed and fell on de ground. Straight away Brer Fox picked up de goat and walked off while de Lion and Bear, helplessly watching wid dey mouth wide open, speechless in disbelief, too exhausted to even stand up much more chase down de Fox. Ah know ah have ah lot to learn about US Politics but at de rate Mrs. Clinton and Obama going, M.T-in de dirty linens, biting and scratching each other, come November, these guys would have thrown so much negative bombs or snipers bullets at each other, dat Mc Cain would have his work all done foh him, and like de Fox he might just take an easy walk to de White House, leaving de Lion, Obama and de Bear, Hilary wid dey mouth wide opened, speechless. But my prediction dat Obama will be de next president still stands, something tells me dat there will be ah record swing from both Democrats and Republicans towards Obama.

Lie-Za say she loves US politics, especially when people in high places run-ah-fowl wid de law, how dem comedians and talk show host does trivialize de hottest issue and turn it into humor and public entertainment. But in SVG yuh dare not try dat, she say how is weeks now ah scandal break out by de White House in Largo Height and everybody so uptight, how she want to crack ah joke and warn husbands: “ To keep all dey laxatives and Enos upstairs foh when belly huttings come on early in de morning, to avoid having to go downstairs to tek Andrews”! Man ah miss Sir Luche bad. And wid dat ah gone again.

One Love Bassy