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One scape-goat set free


I am still hearing de shouting and screaming from the crowd on de morning dat de police were taking de young man Francis Williams to de Courts to be charged foh Glen Jackson’s murder. “Wrong man, wrong man!” dey said, others bawled out: “Advantage! Dat is ah lickle boy, all yoh go and look foh de real murderer!”.{{more}} No doubt dey were expecting de assassin, whatever s/he was suppose to look like, remember dat was de Prime Minister’s early conclusion: “Glen Jackson was killed by an assassin’s bullet”. Looking back he might ah been right, maybe we have ah local assassin at large.

De Papers quoted Williams’ Lawyer Kay Bacchus-Browne as saying: “ Let the course of justice take its position. We are confident that he is the wrong person”.

Now today after two years of waiting foh dis everlasting murder case to be heard, de hearing ain’t even mek any head-way. Justice Bruce Lyle, after hearing early presentation from de defence team throw out de case and de young man was set free. Ah will not forget the words of Glen’s wife at his funeral, she wants no scape-goat Justice. Listening to de bits and pieces dat went down in de case, seems like Francis was ah scape-goat in truth. We are told now dat de Scotland Yard’s DNA report stated dat de evidence did not match wid de accused which suggests dat ah third person was, and is at large. Poor Commissioner Miller, he got so much in his plate already, now it seems like his men putting an extra piece ah pie, dey did some sloppy work investigating de murder, producing unsigned statement given by de accused, almost unpardonable. But ah still want to give de police de benefit ah de doubt, ah feel dey couldn’t find de signed statement, and what about de DPP’s office, dey didn’t notice dat Williams’ statement was not signed.

Dis is ah very serious situation, after taking months to complete an investigation into ah murder, dey come up wid ah suspect and before de case reach anyway, it gets thrown out, accused set free. Grant Connell, one of de defence Lawyers in de case, made ah worthwhile suggestion after de case was over, he said that we need to get proper training foh our Policemen.

Francis Williams is ah lucky man, no doubt ah happy man too, maybe one day de truth will all come out, but de Judge puts it nicely: “ Justice won out in this one”. Sir Bruce ah believe dat Justice will win in many more, if and when it reaches yuh, but if it is delayed, den it is denied and dey’s no winner. Thank yuh Sir.

My sympathy goes out to Glen’s Mom, wife and family and ah will console dem wid de ole adage “better ah hundred guilty men go free dan one innocent person hanged”. Let de records show dat on Wednesday February 27th, 2008 “One scape-goat was set free”!


Viruses got ah way dey does spread thru-out de Caribbean. If Flu in Jamaica or Guyana, start teking yuh medication in SVG. Now ah Pull-it-tek-all Virus hit de region ah couple years ago, way every incumbent Guv-ah-mint except T’n’T was kicked out ah Office. Yet another Virus in de region, ah money crave ting, first it hit Jamaica and den Belize. Dat is ah real Pull-it-tek-all or is it pull-it-tek-half? In Jamaica ah former minister was arrested and charged foh corruption wid de Cuban light bulbs. And in Belize ah former minister of de recently ousted regime, is being charged foh over ten million US dollars from ah Venezuelan gift. Ah will bet dat de Flu dat started in de North-western region will head south-east and like ah hurricane it will touch ever island, SVG not excluded!


I personally want to congratulate de ULP on de launching of dey Radio Station “Star FM” dat beamed out its signals last Tuesday. It could be ah progressive move, depending on how dey chose to operate de station. Any serious pull-it-tek-all party will do whatever is necessary to keep its supporters informed, and yes spread party Papa-gang-dah. In dis day of technology wid Internet and de web site offering endless info, ah Radio station is de way too go, ah don’t see much prospect foh de ole time party newspapers. Joshua’s PPP had ah lickle Bulletin called “The Voice”; Ole Labour had de “Star Newspaper”, Ken John’s DFM had de Tree, UPM had “Justice” MNU had “Unity”, NDP had “New Times”. And not one ah dem is around today! Vincentians have become pull-it-tek-all animals and during de day almost half de nation listening to WE FM Radio to hear Hands Burn NDP wid fire, while de other half listening to EG Lynch on Nice Radio do surgery on de ULP. So is good foh de parties to have dey own Vice and allow those of us who couldn’t care less about de Polt-ticks to listen to good Radio programs.

Dis is ah tall order, almost impossible, but ah would hope dat de Guv-ah-mint will be discrete and not tek tax payers money and flood dey Radio station wid Guv-ah-mint notices and deny de other stations of ah fair share. So ah look forward to an NDP “New Times FM” as well. Lie-Za is cruel, she wants me to call in to Star FM and request de Kaiso “St Vincent Mash-up, and Ralph is to blame!” All yuh see how she could tek serious ting mek joke? And wid dat ah gone again.

One Love Bassy