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Moon run till day catch um


Ah got to give it to dem Talk Show Hosts especially those in de day, ah Lynch dat Burns yuh Hands, Nice Radio vs WE-FM dem fellars could run ah pop-ah-gang-dah machine. Ah don’t like what ah hearing from Lynch dis week, how an Internal Audit was conducted at de Ministry of Agriculture, and de Report suggests misconduct by someone who is suppose to Be De symbol of integrity in de ministry. Apparently de Officer, did his/her own ordering, write up de bills, process claims and even got payment authorize. Didn’t we hear something like dat happening ah few months ago by ah lady at de Ministry of Planning?{{more}}

De Memry Report speaks about ah quantity ah Memry Sticks foh computers paid foh, but only half can be accounted foh, and other petty things, real mauby shop items. Man de thing not only sound ridiculous, it stinks and ah had to ask Lie Za what non-cents she talking bout. Apparently dis story is ole news, it was conducted quite ah while and de Report completed, she is saying dat Minister Gomry was given ah copy ah de Memry Report. But den again, remember it was at de same Ministry of Agriculture way de Forestry Officer had ah issue in which he followed de Civil Service Regulations, but de same PS who is in charge now, held up ah ULP Election Man-yuh-fet-so and told him to wake up and smell de coffee, get ah hold ah one because from now on dat is de document dat de Ministry will be following. Now ah got to go and look up my ULP Man-yuh-fet-so dat Julian did give me and see what page deals wid Memry Sticks, and biscuits and cheese and bucket ah breeze. Peggy De Freitas was at dat same Ministry, she is de only person who would ah clamp down on any such corrupt practices. But dey sent home Peggy, get she out ah de way. Ah boy ole people say “Moon run till day catch um”!


One of the first thing de members of de Class of 1954 and 1955 did two years ago when we were planning our 50th anniversary celebrations, was to do ah roll call. Ah few ah de guys had passed on, Orin Cotter, Dave Jackson and Tony Young were among de lot, but when de name Winston Bramble came up, nobody could account foh him, some one said he had heard dat Bramble was killed, he was stabbed by ah woman some where in Italy. Sadly we did ah one minute’s silence foh all ah dem, Bramble included. Strangely though, at meetings whenever we reminisced on events dat took place in de classroom, dat name Bramble would always pop up, dey say yuh remember de very good ones and de very bad ones, well Bramble was not interested in de former, he wasn’t easy, always getting into trouble. De son of ah Policeman who came down from Biabou along wid ah group ah brilliant scholars like Baldwin King, Cims Martin, de Regisford boys and others, Bramble had ah different agenda from dem fellars, he was one “country boy” who came town wid one thing in mind “ah go do foh dem town boys”. Bigger dan de average boy his age, de right size foh de bully he was, and as ole people would ah say “de boy full ah vice”, however, his hall of fame would be foh beating up on every body and is so he uses to get cane (licks). But we paid our tributes and as usual when yuh dead look foh flowers, we all forgave Bramble and concluded dat he was ah great guy and ah likeable rogue.

But ah strange thing happened to me ah ah few weeks ago when ah was wuking at de Argyle Hotel foh Shirley Layne. Down in de yard from way ah was wuking, was dis lickle guy joking away wid de hotel staff. When ah got to de building Ms Layne invited me to meet her guest. De gentle man dressed in ah beach pants only, stretched out his hands and wid ah deep English accent he said: “Winston Braumbel is de nyme”. Ah said to him “Winston Bramble”? He shook his head and said : “Yes, yuh probably know mah dard, he uses to be a policeman here”. Ah was shocked wid joy, foh de first time ah knew how de Marys felt dat Easter morning when dey found Jesus alive, raised from de dead and appeared in front ah dem. Quickly ah composed me-self and ah dozen thoughts flowing thru me head. Ah buss out ah big laugh and den said to him : “ Bramble way yuh been all dem years, do yuh know we heard dat yuh were dead and two years ago we had ah moment of silence foh yuh”? Den ah went on to explain de whole story of our reunion and de report we got on him. Straight away he phoned his Mom in England and ah heard him saying: “ Mom do yuh know dat your son was pronounced dead and dey even had ah requiem mass for him?” Needless to say we talked foh de rest ah de morning. He introduced me to his Irish born wife and ah didn’t forget to tell her bout all his lickle boy pranks, she would not believe, she felt she was married to ah angel, maybe he is now, but just seeing him again, alive and well was enough, but ah still see de ole Bramble in him dat Likeable Rogue.


Lie Za didn’t like how ah chant down Sir Louis last week say he going hell foh de houses dem dat Guv-ah-mint broke down in Can-One. De truth is dat Sir Louis, even though he was acting Prime Minister during de mashing down, did not authorize de mission. And so ah have to tek back dat hell ride dat ah was sending him pon. OK Sir Louis promise me dat ah will see yuh in Heaven.

And wid dat ah gone again.

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