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VAT ah gift foh labour day


It is interesting how men could lose dey tongue over-night. Next Chose-Day May first is Workers Dey or Labour Day and to date not ah sound from de Trade Union Leaders. Lie-Za say dey have all changed, Small is now Big with muzzles all over, even in his mouth, Alice was never better in Wonderland, Noel is no more Jack’s-son but Ralph’s-son and even Casper who uses to be London de Socialist is living like New York de Cap-it-all-list representing de Bank, mind yuh, dat’s only an observation, ah glad foh Casper who’s me friend foh years. It’s unfortunate though, dat there’s not even ah lickle programme of activities on May Dey in memory ah those who fought here at home in de Workers Struggles, or very important too, would be ah lickle something about VAT, de Workers Labour Day Gift.{{more}}

VAT as we all know is ah replacement foh what uses to be de Consumption Tax, is like yuh tek off one and put on one; that’s why every body is nervous about de implications ah VAT. Ah don’t like how de VAT-he-can people keep saying dat prices will be lower. Only if yuh buying ah car-jack or fuel pump way de Consumption Tax drop from 55% to 15% but how often yuh does buy dem things dey. Man in all ah my three score and five years ah don’t recall any Bill, Act or Regulations dat reduced cost ah living. VAT in theory promises some reduction in prices, but in reality foh de first time de lower income group ah Workers whose salary too small to pay income tax, will automatically pay Taxes thru VAT. And dat will affect dem where it counts, right round de dining table. Lie-Za sware she writing to tell de Pope Ben-he-dick to see if is anything about dat VAT-he-can do foh us.

Ole people say when it reign it poor in truth. Just when de side-walk Vendors was hoping to benefit from selling unVATerated goods, up comes Town Board and move dem off de street. Ah listened to Town Warden Haynes reporting on Radio of his Successful Operation in having de Vendors removed of de side-walks peacefully. Mr Haynes dat’s ah straight case ah Operation Successful but de Patient dead! And look how when de pound sterling was low how de Farmers struggled to grow enough Banans to meet de Quota demanded by English Supermarkets, but de moment de pound raise and Farmers expecting ah bit more cash foh dey fruits, de Supermarkets say de cutting back on de quantity ah Bananas dey importing. Is like we doom.


Ah was talking to young Ledger de Bureau Standards boss about my fan-to-see with Bananas, Coconut and Local Bush; actually ah was checking on ah Banana Vinegar dat ah mek, to see what all dey in dey: Potassium, Calcium etc. We shared ah lot on “what de ole people dem uses to use long ago”. Ledger of course is ah Scientist with ah passion foh local Herbs and Bush. He believes in de Coconut Oil as ah Hair Oil and Skin Cream, he still uses it and his skin and hair certainly look shine and toned… My faith in de Coconut Oil is deeper dan skin and hair; ah does drink ah spoonful every morning, ask Doc Sealey way dat good fah. Ledger’s favourite Tea is Say-no-man and den he tells how potent it is; and how ole people say it good too foh women who does get cramps during dey monthly. He did hint dat he recommended it to ah chic he had ah crush on, or she had on he, but it worked, ah hope his wife does not read dis, he will have some explaining to do. My breakfast drink is Gin-Min, Ginger and Mint, believe me it better dan Ginsing. Ledger thinks Breadfruit and Bull Jow is de most complete meal. De Fish got in Protein, Vitamin ABCDE, de Tomato wid all its Vitamin C dat may be soluble in Oil, Coconut Oil eh, but wid de Cucumber added it emulsifies de oil, don’t forget de Breadfruit, de fellar wid de Carbs and de mentality. So finally we thought we were on to ah good thing, and we decided dat wid VAT on we back, ah good way to fight back is to highlight ah lot ah de good food and Herbs we have here in SVG dat de young people need to know bout, so we planning to form ah lickle Group to promote local foods, what dey good fah and so on, maybe ah regular Radio Program is in de meking. So if yuh have an interest just E-mail us at [email protected] and he will tek it from dey.


Ken-Lyn of Number Seventeen Market Shop fame, Ken-Lyn is ah man of many fame actually. But he gave me ah message to Rene and yuh Should hear Ken-Lyn : “Yuh Bassy, ah want yuh to tell Rainey, dat de people say she carry she people dem from Belize to Bally-so and mek dem wake up de Warriahs and is dat causing so much ah crime in de place. She mus’ send back foh she people dem from Belize mek dem put back de Warriahs to rest”! Ah hope ah got Ken-Lyn message to Rene right.

Ah don’t know if is Warriahs from Bally-so or way-ever, but an evil force is taking over de land. Too many murders some ah dem too gruesome. I believe dat when evil spirits are on dey path, yuh got to chase dem back to Hell meet Satan. When ah was on de Nine Mornings Committee ah would insist dat we ask de Roman Catholics to open de Festival wid ah Full Mass with Candles, de Cross, Communion, de Eucharist, bread and wine, clean up de area and chase way de evil spirits dat dey stray bout Heritage Square. And would yuh believe dat we have never had ah bad incident at dat spot over de years.

De Evangelical Association had Big Crusade at Victoria Park, but dem can’t chase way demons, dey don’t know how, it got to be de Catholics, Anglicans and de Spiritual Baptists. Hear nah, don’t tek yuh eye off dem Spiritual Baptist, we need ah mammoth Crusade, moving thru Lowmans, Camden Park, Layou and down or up to Shatto. Den go on de Windward side. Clean up de country. I have read ah bit about how Demons operate, nothing dey fraid more dan de Holy Spirit in dey tail! And wid dat ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.