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It wouldn’t be always so!


Too often ah been hearing bout corrupt Public Servant. When it ain’t boh-bull at Port or Customs is claim making out foh mammy foh catering wuk dat poor mammy ain’t know ah ting bout. De Drugs scene is something else, Drugs man getting inside info to mop up de scene hours before de Black Squad raid de premises.

Now de money side ah de story Lie-Za spreading was dat somebody in de USA who does watch de TV game “Who wants ah Million-here” decided to play de game home. De stake was US $ 103, 000. 00. De person followed de rules ah de game and used de first life line by asking de audience, but he wasn’t con-Vince de audience was right so de person used ah second life line:{{more}} “phone ah friend”. Still not Con-Vince wid de friend’s answer, he use up de last life line “de 50-50″. De question dat was den narrowed down to two answers was: ” How do yuh deliver E-league-all cash to SVG, via Post Office or Fedex”? de person forget dat Peggy De Freitas who got sniffer-dog in-stink foh Drugs and corruption, and who did get victim-eyes, is now retired and not at de Post Office, so Post Office might ah been ah better answer, but he pick de other choice and said “Fedex, final answer”! And Customs did de rest.

Indeed it was like ah breath ah fresh air to hear dat ah Customs Officer at de Airport got suspicious when he had to clear ah package with ah Television set that was sent by FedEx, and who wouldn’t get scents-ah-thief, Ah TV by Fedex, man dat worth investigating! So like ah technician the Officer went into de unit and what ah find!

There is talk dat it was ah young Officer at de Airport who made de bust but Lie-Za is bigging up Abijah ah former Calypso King as de Senior Customs Officer who bust de screen, and dat Abijah himself told her it was he and after he made de bust, he was hauled over de coals and transferred from Customs to de Registry, but he refused to move, and he was sent home on suspension. Who ever is de Officer, it is reassuring to know we have men still around who will not be bribed. As for Abijah, if in fact he made ah bust and got sent home, den he must remember his own lines in de Kaiso ” It wouldn’t, it wouldn’t be always so”. My question is, why would dey send home an officer foh busting ah money haul? Doesn’t sound right to me, but dis is SVG where strange things been happening lately.


From de beginning ah say ah like Castro and Who-go Shove-his. Dey both stand up to de mighty USA. Shove-his is defiant and brave, and Venezuela got oil and money and Shove-his stretching out his hands to meet his Caribbean near-bars. Lately we have become great friends of Cuba and Venezuela much to our advantage in terms of health and education from Cuba and Oil from Venezuela, and both have made pledges to assist us with our Airport. Nobody else has ever taken us seriously when we talk Airport. But while Castro and Shove-his are having ah war of words wid de USA, we don’t. Our US connection goes deeper dan I-de-allergy. Our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, even mothers and fathers are rushing to become US citizens. Yuh think any body could even suggest to any ah dem to apply to Cuba or Venezuela foh citizenship.

It would be difficult to measure de tremendous benefit dat our people and by extension de country getting from dat Diaspora arrangement. Our artificial economy is cushioned by remittances from relatives in de USA over forty million dollars annually. And here is way ah don’t approve of Shove-his coming to SVG and cussing our friends de USA and bad-talking de US telling us who to like and who not to; Shove-his is out ah order, as ole people would say “out ah place”. No President whether USA, Cuba, UK, Canada, Venezuela or way ever should come in our back yard and dictate to us who to have foh friends. And ah will venture to say dat this nation, NDP as well as ULP die-hards, was caught off guard last weekend,, dey fraid to talk so silently dey asking what is going on in SVG, how could de Prime Minister without dropping ah hint, just call meeting wid ah couple Caribbean leaders and headed by Shove-his and mek announcement of the way forward foh us.

Ole people say “fool ah talk but nah fool ah listen” let dem mek statements, de march on Wednesday will mark de beginning of de end foh Gonsalves or Eustace.. And wid dat ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.