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All yuh got to clap foh dat


Interestingly it was only during de Christmas Season last year, ah met an ole friend and wished her “Seasons Greetings” expecting of course to hear her reply with de usual “Many happy returns”, instead, she chuckled and said: “ Season Greetings? yuh ain’t hear Sir Loose say yuh can’t Season Greetings, it’s only fish and meat yuh does Season”. Ah quickly put de pieces together and realized that it was one ah Sir Loose’s many one liners. He literally conversed in jokes, had ah funny answer to de most serious question posed at times, ah plaster foh every sore; he would have ah joke on de most current event: ah joke on all ah de high profile people: Clinton, Bush, Blair, Saddam, closer home he made ah mess ah our folks Owing Arthur, de Birds, Julian, Sir Vin-sin. He joked about ah Conference where Sir Vin-sin kept rubbing his elbows all during P.M. Gonsalves’ address.{{more}} When de Reporters expressed dey concern over Sir Vin-sin’s uninterrupted “elbow rubbing”, Gonsalves told dem Beach had bad Him-rides (Hemorrhoids) and whenever dey itched him, he scratches his elbow because he didn’t know de difference between de position of his anus and de elbow! Ah believe that was one ah de many reasons why he was never able to get an appearance at any Show that ULP Guv-ah-mint had control.

Ah remember back in the 1990’s at ah Carnival Show at Victoria Park; Sir Loose was de MC and ah was up front stage taking photographs, like he was looking foh ah scapegoat to land his jokes pon and he spotted me in front. Every joke was on me foh de rest ah de night. Fuss ah vex, ah forcing de laughs but ah was embarrassed, de crowd in de stand enjoying every bit of him and is so dey spurring him on; but every now and then he would glance my way and give me ah wink to mek sure ah not mad with him. After dat performance ah gave him his Knighthood, ah change his name from Saluce to Sir Loose!

Ah good Comedian is no fool and Sir Loose was well read, intelligent and very balanced.

He ran ah very popular Late Night Radio Show, ah Call In Program at an ungodly hour 10:00 pm to 2:00 a.m de Police refer to that beat as de Grave Yard Shift. But Sir Loose had ah wide audience that spread all over de world, one night ah was surprised when ah heard ah Vincentian woman calling from New Zealand. He interacted well with his listeners, offering add-vice on all matters: Love, Romance, Drugs, Family Problems, ah lot ah folks loved his musical selection, but ah believe it was his cents ah humor dat drew listeners to that late night program.

Ah know he is dead but ah going to his funeral dis Thursday, believe me ah expect something unusual to tek place, ah will not be surprised at all if Sir Loose buss out ah big laugh and tell the congregation : “ All yuh got to clap foh dat”!


Ah bet yuh dat Sir Loose had ah joke to give on de matter with de young man who was sentenced to Prisons foh 22 months foh Drugs and after two months he was granted ah pardon by de Mercy Committee. Ah would have heard of ah few pardons that looked like it had some Curry added to give it favour or flavour, but those convicts would have done de greater portion of de prison sentence. Much was said about de US citizens who were found guilty of Drugs Trafficking some years ago, dey were sentenced to some years but were transferred to de US to do de time.

Lie-Za say de principle is not wuking out, but de mathematics is good. She say is like de young man was told dat if he behaved himself he would get 2 months dropped off de sentence, so after two months he sent de Mercy Committee ah letter with his maths attached, he blocked off de first 2 in de 22 months and dat left him to serve only 2 months.

In one ah Kaisonian Sulle Kaiso he sang about getting favours , he said to get thru in dis place is not who yuh know but who know yuh. In de case ah dis young man is not who he know, or who know he but is “What he Know” dat dey want nobody to know!

Dat was ah bad step taken by de Mercy Committee and by extension de Guv-ah-mint; and when all unfair games ah replayed this is one dat will live to haunt de ULP Guv-ah-mint.

And wid dat ah gone again.

One Love Bassy