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Kenny-an-tony tun man-he-koo


Kenny Anthony would never know how many Vin-sin-shun people he offended when he came here last year during de heat ah de elections and referred to Arm-In U-stars in very de-rug-ah-tarry terms, calling him ah Man-he-koo foh ah leader; even ULP supporters as well as Kenny’s own Sin-loose-shuns were upset and said he was out ah place. Dat incident hurt even Sir James, after all it was he who selected Arm-In as his replacement. De story is dat Sir James didn’t leave it dey, he come-plain to his life long friend and cousin Sir John Compton ah former Prime Minister ah Sin Loose-her and asked him to find somebody to deal with dat Kenny.

Lie-Za say Sir John promised cousin James that if is de last thing he will do is to grant Sir James his request, but he not asking anybody to do any dirty job, that he will tek it upon himself and deal with dat Kenny ‘n’ Tony.{{more}}

Soon after that Sir John announced that he was returning to Polly-ticks and straight away Kenny de heckler find ah name foh Sir John too, de Jerry-ha-tricks. Well dat was ah big mistake on Kenny’s part, because Sin-loose-shuns say there is no senior citizen in de Caribbean dat is as physically and mentally fit as Sir John, and hell’t-wise, dey say every morning foh de last thirty years Sir John goes swimming; and every evening foh de same thirty years he goes to de gym. He eats and drinks hell’t-tea and at eighty de man is as sprightly as ah rabbit, so much so that dey were trying to tarnish his good name with some kind ah sexy talk well not talks eh, act-shun with ah teen-ager. De matter didn’t reach very far, de kind ah things dey tried to pin on him, saying that he did, at his age, no quote-ah-law, in fact nobody would ah believed it was possible, ah bet yuh dey having second thoughts now.


Well as we all know, Sir John created His-story this week, he is back at de Hell’m. If he and Sir James did talk, and he did mek promise to Sir James then he really demolished Kenny ‘n’ Tony with ah landslide. Now we all waiting to see what dis ole Fox got to offer. Coming out ah Sin-loose-her election is ah set ah good lesson foh current and aspiring pull-it-tek-all leaders. Number one is that politicians are never dead until yuh put dem six feet under-ground. Number two, people look foh three things out ah Polly-Ticks I call it the 3B’s, Bread, Butter and tek care ah me Bills. Yuh could build de best stadium or de finest airport, when dey see corruption, others getting de 3B’s and nothing coming their way is out goes yuh.

And number three, leaders have developed ah practice of meddling in one another’s business in ah disgusting way; reminds yuh of ah husband who would have his nice wife home, neglect doing de home-wuk, but yet he gone bad-mouthing other husbands with dey wife; dat is exactly way go down with Kenny ‘n’ Tony when he came here last year, he had to tun Man-he-koo Warning, don’t go meddling, MYOB.

Oh boy, Lie-Za asking me if ah think Sir John’s success go excite Sir James. How de first thing Sir James did when he retired was to fix his knee that was preventing him from moving round; she say she notice he swimming every morning like cousin John, walking strong and jogging ah lickle bit, next thing he will be running or want to “run again”. And she say dis week ah must congratulate De Prime Minister and Arn-In foh getting re-elected as head ah dey party un-opposed. She say anybody sue-sue-in say de Prime Minister was not his usual lively self in de house during Budget since his buddy Kenny ‘n’ Tony lose power. On de other hand Arm-In seems so happy he got Kenny foh company, he going all out to get ah pair ah Man-he-koo to send give Kenny. Lie-Za say ah must tell Arm-In dat Man-he-koo is foh Man; nah send no Man-he-koo foh Kenny ‘n’ Tony, send ah Boy-he-koo and ah Girl-he-koo!


Last Sunday night ah got me first sample ah Vincy Christmas up by Mr and Mrs Ash lighting up. Oh de lights look good as usual. Mrs Ash read an appropriate reading before turning on de lights and Minister Baptiste who never misses these functions, praised de Ashes foh another good job this year. She referred to Mr Ash as de pioneer foh Christmas lighting-up in SVG. Yes, Ash brought ah new dimension in Christmas Lights to SVG in truth. And of course there was de usual creole eats, Sir Callaloo, Hon Bull-jowe, Lord and Lady Salt-fish ‘n’bakes. De Salvation Army Brass Band impressed all with some good ole traditional Christmas Carols, and SVG’s internationally famous Duo, Ken Isles and Son put Ice-in to de cake.

Ah made de mistake and tell Lie-Za ah going play some Christmas music foh Sir Sydney and Sir James; she giving me message foh Sir James, how ah must ask Sir James if he will be following his cousin John Come-tan and run foh polly-ticks again. Ah beg she keep out ah dat, if Sir James returns, it may cause U-Stars and Gonsalves to get heart attack, we cant afford to lose we two best available leaders one time.

Remember Nine Mornings starts tomorrow, No Strong Drinks! No Drugs! No Bad Behaving at de venues. Remember too dat we celebrating de Birthday of Jesus Christ, keep de proceedings clean so that if Jesus passes by any morning, he should feel encouraged to come on stage ah do ak lickle performance, maybe ah miracle. It may very well be de morning that Gonsalves and U-stars attend and Jesus might just do de impossible and command those two expired and abnormal ab-do-men to disappear.

And with dat ah gone again!

One Love Bassy.