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Kyron: Who Jah bless no man cuss


In my book of books Bro Bob Marley was ah modern day prophet, and ah believe that he uses to get his lyrics from de most High! Songs like “Who Jah bless no man cuss” speak volumes, is like he did write that one foh Kyron Baptist, de youth-man all ah we plugging to win de next Digicel Rising Star. Dey tell me Kyron was born in the economically disadvantaged, indigenous Carib Village of Sandy Bay. When he was born Sandy Bay was still in darkness, no electricity or telephone, how much ah de real light dey have now is another question. The road to Sandy Bay was almost impassable and pipe borne water was ah novelty, chances are Kyron’s family had no pipe-borne water in de home. Sandy Bay and areas above de Dry River were treated like off-limits, dey did not enjoy de amenities afforded the folks (all ah we) living below de river. However during de NDP 17 years ah great deal of those ancestral injustices have been corrected and equally continued by de ULP albeit laying claims for correcting historical wrongs.{{more}}

Kyron however got ah taste ah secondary education at Bishop’s College Georgetown, below de Dry River, but you know how de “town man country man” thing goes, you got to come town to Grammar School and High School to be recognized. Ace distance runner, Pamenos is ah Sandy Bay man too, but he went St Martin’s Boys Secondary in town and that’s where he got his early popularity and big following. Not Kyron, he got stuck in country and remained ah unheard-of until two weeks ago, he never had no posse support, no wonder when dey counted de first round ah Digicel votes he came in fourth. But with “Jah Blessings” and ah series ah elimination, Kyron came thru. First Patrice Bascombe who could ah be de next Digicel Rising Star met an unfortunate death, she literally died so that Kyron could get ah chance to live ah life of popularity. Then there was the other Danielle, de Olliverre kid, Miss SVG contestant also ahead ah Kyron, but she had already gone back to school in de USA, so the chips fell on Kyron and he didn’t let them fall from him.

Dey tell me also that it all started foh Kyron when he joined his Mom in Bequia eight or so years ago. He immediately teamed up with his cousin Anthony “Jackey Opel” Baptiste, another young, very talented, “Carib” musician and singer who was doing small “Gigs at the Restaurants and Hotels in Bequia. Incidentially “Jackey Opel” is de grandson of James “Corpie” Baptiste, one of the famous “Ince Brothers” from the Satan String Band that kept Sandy Bay and North Windward alive foh decades with indigenous Quadrille music and dance. Grandpa on guitar and grand-son on Ukelele uses to team and serenade the yachts during de tourist season to mek ah living.

However de two young Baptiste Stars, Kyron and Tony literally took Bequia by storm with their wide repertoire of Soul, Rock, Reggae, Kaiso whatever. Now that Kyron is about to launch out into deeper waters, mainland Vincentians seem to remember him singing at the Blues Festival earlier this year when he impressed all.