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Wheel and come again NOBA


It does not surprise me that Mini Van Drivers who are members of NOBA had to throw in de towel in de middle ah de fight.

Industrial disputes are like championship boxing; in yuh corner yuh must have ah good technical staff, trainer, cut-man, physician and most of all ah fight plan with ah back up plan if things not going to first plan.

Unfortunately NOBA didn’t appear to have ah good plan as well as back-up plan. One must be mindful that on de Guv-ah-mint side you had all de Giants, Buns, Casper London, Noel Jackson, Small and de rest, dem know all de tricks in de Trade Union and Strike action.{{more}}

Ole people say is many ways to choke ah dog without putting ah rope round E neck; that’s why ah felt NOBA should ah stretched out de impasse some more. Strike action is ah last resort.

So now NOBA must revisit de scene, look at de tapes, go back to de Gym and get ready foh de return bout. But first dey must do some in-house cleaning, tek ah see-rus look at the present system of operations. Introduce time schedules and bus routes and avoid these unnecessary trips running ‘gainst each other.

Ah lot ah fuel is wasted making MT runs, this could be ah case way savings can become earnings.

Having said that bit ah still think de Guv-ah-mint offer of 45 cents rebate on ah gallon ah fuel is non-cents! The records will show that NOBA was out-boxed and out-foxed in this Round, but only time will tell how much pull-it-tek-all damages was inflicted on de Guv-ah-mint.

If de figures that NOBA is presenting are accurate, then soon de Van drivers and owners will have to park aside dey vehicles, In de mean time NOBA will have to “Wheel and Come again”!.


Ah couldn’t help but laugh watching president Chavez walk up to de podium at de UN headquarters in de USA and tell de delegates he smell Smoke, not no ordinary stuff, it smell like Sulphur from Hell and is only de Devil could ah bring it and left it dey, and that had to be George Bush when he was at de podium de day before; Bush is de Devil!

Is long time ah say that Bush and Saddam like “to pee in ah pod”! De Christian Devil and de Muslim Devil! Dey may have different styles but de end result is de same, destruction of ain-no-saint lives and country.

But Lie-Za was reminding me that is only ah few countries in de world way any far-reign-ah could go in public, bad mouth-off pon de president ah dat country and get away untouched. Then she started to list them out, de USA, de UK, Canada and she began to fumble, so ah offered to help and say what about Chavez’s country, she shook she head and quickly said ” No way Jose”!

While ah like de aggressive and defiant styles of Chavez, Castro, de lickle-big man from I-ran, Mr Ah-mad-in-ejad, ah keep hearing allegations that you can’t say dis and you can’t say dat bout de leaders in public in their country, or you will be arrested. If there is any truth in all these allegations, then de joke is on Mr. Chavez and while he might not qualify foh ah full Devil Award, he better be careful, he too might soon be leaving de smell ah Sulphur way ever he goes.


Ole George did it again! He grew up as ah youth man in ah lickle board house just below way ah live. Which reminds me that he and Jomo Thomas my other near-bar uses to gang up in de moon-light and raid de Golden Apples, mangoes and plum trees, no wonder dey turn out smart and healthy. That was great fun, I did it in my time before them, those were de days when boys were boys, manners and behaviour was de order ah de day, no drugs, no stealing, no guns and knife; kids played dey cricket and football in de streets. Ole George in those early days provided all de comedy (jokes). He mellowed into ah fine gentleman.

But as ah wrote before he went to Canada and according to his version, he worked at ah Mental Hospital while there as ah Psychiatrist. But now that ah see he walk foh seven days without sleep, ah wonder if Psychiatrist was de only thing he was at de institution?

On ah serious note however, this is time foh reflection. Ole George and Butcher must be fully Recognized, Awarded and Re-warded for this Wake-ah-ton Walk, their accomplish-ment in Jamaica should be an inspiration foh us as Caribbean people.

As ah result ah this accomplishment, we as ah people have been reminded that we have de will, de strength and the courage to do what might seem to many as de impossible. Now we must walk de Ole George walk in our daily lives at home, at school, at work, at play!

And with that ah gone again.

One Love Bassy