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Cent-less bombing in de Middle East


Dis war dat fighting in de Middle East started some four to five thousand years ago when Father Abraham’s wife, Sarah, realized she couldn’t mek children so she set her husband up with the maid to mek ah child with her, she made ah boy, Ishmael.

Before de child even born, de maid got out ah place and uses to jeer Sarah and call she mule because she couldn’t mek children; and Sarah had to chase her way. De Lord however sent ah Angel to bless de child even before it born. Seems also that God in his plan decided to give Sarah, then in her ole age, ah boy child with her husband Abraham, it was ah good deal and face saving too foh Sarah.{{more}} God tell Abraham that from this boy child Isaac, he will mek Sarah, the mother ah Nations (Israelites or Jews) and he will establish his covenant thru his lineage, from Isaac to Jacob to David to Christ. But father Abraham was ah fair man and he ask God if he could bless his first child the bondswoman son, Ishmael, and God did, he told Abraham that thru Ishmael will also come ah great nation (Muslims) Ishmael had 12 sons who all had dey own kingdom.

According to de Bible, Father Abraham had many more sons and ah will add, many daughters too, but when you study de scriptures, you will pick up two pieces ah buy-us, one, that it was penned or edited by male chauvinists, lickle or no mention is made of women, and de second thing is that the Bible, de Ole Testament was written from ah Jewish perspective, like in ah Movie, de Jews will always be de star and de Muslims de crooks. Ah wonder if that is why Israel could do no wrong foh Christians led by de US of course.

Anyhow the long and short is that thru-out his-tory, as ah result ah dis Covenant that God made with Abraham on behalf ah Isaac, de Jews believed from then that God gave them de Earth to rule. And de Muslims quite rightly object, dey know that God gave dem Rights and Title too; and this will account foh most ah de war-fear, de venom, hatred, endless killing, Terror-is-him and sue-side bombing taking place between de two generations.

But de too-too did hit de fan when Christ turned up 2000 years ago as an ordinary Carpenter son and told everybody Jew, Muslim, Gentile who ever, that he was sent by His Father to finalize the Covenant and it was no longer ah Jewish thing, it included all nations, every race, colour etc. When he told de Jews, no more “eye foh eye” and Torah doctrine; no more fighting; that de New Covenant is first and foremost about Love then Peace, Forgiveness, Mercy and most of all accepting Him as the Son of God. De story went on to say that de Jews refused to accept Jesus up to this day, dey seized Him and handed Him over to de Romans and instructed dem to crucify Him. The Muslims accepted Him as ah Prophet only but not as de Son ah God.

So de war is ah cents-less exercise, de might crushing de mite, Lebanon Terror-ace groups capture two Jewish soldiers, and Israel mashing up Lebanon with bombs and done kill nearly 200 innocent people. It looks like when de Muslims attack de Jews dey are condemned as Terror-ace, but when de US or de Jews attack de Muslims, everybody remain tight-lip or if dey open dey mouth dey saying is self-defence. From ah Christian perspective we out here should not tek sides, not when cruel Leaders, Religious Fanatics, Terror-ace whether Muslim or Jewish, War-mongers killing innocent women and children, fighting foh territory and power in de name of God!

There is more land on mother earth than we can ever occupy, more wealth than we can spend, more food and water than we can consume, more oil than we can burn, yet people are starving foh want ah food while de rich nations pile-in-up mass weapons ah destruction to destroy one another. We must demand an immediate halt to the bombings and cents-less killing in Lebanon, Palistine and Israel.


I have written so much bout Chorale over de years that by now ah should done run out ah lyrics and praises. Ah went to de Show and this one will have to be dey best ever, de repertoire, de moods, de presentation, de singing, de solos, Roxanne Dalrymple was great! Clifford is still de ole man with the young vice oops, voice. Erline Williams was like good wine, she mellow over time, note ah didn’t say age or how long, ah enjoyed every bit of her… two pieces. And of course there was Bah-dah-bah-darrr (de 5th of Beethoven), Kitch’s Rain-o-rama and ah didn’t forget to walk with me rotten eggs foh if dey didn’t sing Lord Hawke’s, Ding Dong! De crowd mek dem sing it once, twice and thrice! Ah got me money’s worth ah Ding Dong! Sean Sutherland had ah bawl on de Piano.

Lie-Za was telling me that if any other country had ah group like Chorale dey would ah honour dem like how Britain did honour de Beatles. But in de same breath she was telling me how she did ask back foh half ah de door price. So ah ask her why would she do such ah thing. She smile as usual with she funny face and say: “Ah just wanted to get ah mek up to go back de next night”! Thanks Chorale, dis country owes all yoh ah big back pay!


Lie-Za drew my attention to the story in the Papers last week way Asst. Commissioner Brew-star got his wallet picked in de Carnival crowd, and like she wanted to mek joke of it. So ah told her that ain’t nothing new, years ago pick-pocket was rampant in T’n’T and dey had to send foh Scotland Yard, how when de fellar arrived at the Airport, he took out his wallet check his money and got into ah Taxi foh the hotel, he alone was in de Taxi, he sat in de back seat, when he arrived at de hotel ah reached in his Pants pocket foh his wallet, wallet gone! So ah suggested to her that was ah trap de Police set to catch de pick-pockets and dem, so dey send Brew-star as ah bait. And with dat ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.