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National properties meking ah mess


Before ah begin let me apologize foh ah mix-up in last week’s Article entitled “Ah want ah Bacoo, ah Stick and ah Pen”. The computer like it start ah play Carnival already and went Ole Mas leaving out the middle section; so the article had beginning and ending but no middle, Lie-Za call to say “it had no guts”! Ah ain’t worried, with Obeah rampant in de land, somebody else will get ketch, maybe ah Pull-ah-trick-hand this time, one ah dem will go Hate-He and ah will get to call foh me “Bacoo, me stick and me Pen” again, trust me! Following is the guts of last week’s article


My girl Lie-Za panicking now she hear that Obeah surfacing she asking me if ah know how people does keep off Obeah. Well ah tell she that my grand-father was ah Spiritual Baptist Pointer who had his own Prayers House and had Eyes ah Faith and Healing Powers. Ah remember people uses to come to him foh help when other people hurt dem, Obeah dem or put Jumbie pon dem. He knew his stuff and uses to get results, don’t ask me what he uses to do. When he done de-Obeahrize someone, he uses to Mount them. When you Mount, yuh immune, not even de Jukkas of Suriname could touch yuh again. Dey are de most dangerous obeah tribe around, badder dan Hate-He! Ah Mount could be in the form of ah silver ring or chain with ah wood cross, ah special suit ah clothes, ah pen or ah walking stick. De ring and chain would keep off evil spirits; yuh wear yuh special suit when yuh going foh ah interview or ah date; de only thing is yuh not suppose to mek love with yuh suit on, well that is understood, de same thing holds foh de ring and chain, yuh have to tek them off. The Pen yuh use foh writing letters, any wuk, or fare-fah yuh want, yuh just use yuh pen and put it in writing, yuh must get thru! But de walking stick is de dangerous fellar, if yuh lash anybody with that stick, ah spell is thrown pony dem immediately, dey blight!

Then ah tell her she could go to Guyana and meet de Bucks, ah Tribe in de interior way yuh get you-self ah Bacoo, that’s ah lickle (invisible) man six to twelve inches tall that is kept in ah bottle. Yuh Bacoo is yuh guard, yuh spy, yuh banker, you every thing! My Coach friend, Mr. Chin was telling me that yuh feed yuh Bacoo pon ripe bananas and milk, and mek sure he’s well fed, loved and cared fah, because if he is unhappy, when you let him out to wuk, he could turn ‘gainst you. Right away ah could see de excitement in she eyes, she ask me if ah got any Guyanese friend who could contact ah Bacoo foh she. Then she say she got one lickle problem, mek sure that Bacoo is ah lickle longer than six inches. Yuh see my cross!


Ah keep hearing bout returning Vincies and even some folks at home ’bout de amount ah hassle dey does go thru trying to get ah bizz-ness started. De name Alwyn Lewis come to mind, he’s back from the UK with ah whole furniture bizz-ness stored in containers foh years in Mr. Crick’s yard at La Croix, too much ah brew-rack-we-see. Then Steve Oliver identified ah space in one ah de Factory Shells at Camden Park to operate ah Auto Repair Shop, but vehicles belonging to de Party park up in dey. Ah expect de records to show how much de Party paying; and ah hope is not de current rate of ah dollar ah square foot.


Now here at home ah group ah Vincy got inspired to form ah company. After budgeting foh ah rent of fifty cents ah square foot based on the current rate that every body paying at Camden Park; they were shocked to be told that the rent is now ah dollar ah square foot.

So de bizz-ness dat ain’t mek a cent yet; dat got to refurbish and renovate the factory shell, dat still fighting with de Bank foh ah loan to start, is now playing with very lickle options, either pay $168,000 rent annually and get National Properties to remove the Road Block, or call off the project.

Clearly National Properties not aware ah what’s happening in the country and in the region in general. The climate foh investment in SVG is below Zero, it has not been exciting to investors; to put it another way, nobody, local or Far-reign setting up Bizz-ness here anymore; and who here already wish dey had ah way out. Where is de Beer-john company that was given all sorts ah con-sessions to package milk and juice at Camden Park? Dey done pack-up and gone and nobody ain’t even notice. What National Properties should do is to revisit the Aims and Objectives of the Camden Park Industrial Estate, and dey would see that instead ah blocking traffick, dey should be bending over backwards to accommodate bizz-nesses.

We all know that National Properties has been mandated to find every penny in its path to help build the Airport, and dey have been behaving like mad people in de process. Running Supermarket; competing with the lickle traffickers say dey trafficking Bananas to B’dos: selling out Bequia Lands to Far-reign-as causing discomfort to Bequians. And now they ready to milk de cow that ain’t give birth to ah calf yet, dey closing the bizz-ness before dey start! Lie-Za say National Properties reminds her of de man who got itching hemorrhoids but keep scratching his elbow.


Unlike all those who giving CDC hell and criticizing the Organization, ah want to congratulate Cheer-man Dennis and his team foh raising de bar. One only got to look at the setting at Victoria Park, new stage and Canopy, excellent lighting and sound system, dressing room facilities, the whole ambience speaks volume; right now de CDC’s preparations are too far advanced foh de mediocre, semi-professional material appearing on stage. Don’t blame CDC foh poor attendances, blame the performers and entertainers.

And our prayers go up foh Sulle, defending Kaiso Monarch now in Hospital. In his absence, four-Kings will go Fourth to battle on Sunday night: Abijah Princess Monique, Poorsah and De Man Age; s/he who performs the best on the night of Finals will win. But don’t rule out ah dark horse from among I-Pa, Bro Ebony, L’il Bit or even Ron B. Lie-Za fighting me down to bet anybody that Poorsah might break ah record this year with all three titles: Road March, Soca Monarch and the Kaiso King.

And in Football, ah cried foh me team Germany. Ah did say who ever beats Germany and or Brazil will win. France beat Brazil and Italy beat Germany, so who will win? All you leave me alone and go to Hell sorry, go to France!

And with that ah gone again. Be wise foh Carnival.

One Love Bassy.