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What about dat set-ah-sins act


Ah will be guided by Jomo Thomas and my side-kick Lie-Za on the Amendment to de Set-ah-sins Act. Ah have problems where ah far-rain-yah could mek arrangement to land here early morning, get married mid-day and get his Sat-ah-sins by evening. Lie-Za swear things like this does happen. Yuh know how she does have de wade-ist stories sometimes; she give me one dat hard to swallow, that is ah riddle, how ah Less-be-an decided to help out ah Who-me-shall-sex sorry, ah who-me-sex-shall, so she marry this who-me-sex-shall friend from Far-rain so that s/he could get his Set-ah-sin and ah part-nah too! If that is correct, de Act needs revisiting. But ah don’t know why Jomo still got faith in man, he nah-Eve, he will not accept that it is very likely, that one morning he will hear that de fellar dat does har-ass de Prime Minister every Sabbath, scoping everything he say and do, will be back from whence he came teking “Just another look” from de Bomb Newspaper or 610 Radio in T’n’T. And as Jomo himself put it, not even Justice Saunders of de CCJ could reverse dat, because the revised Act mek no provision foh appeal, it gives the Minister irreversible power to free him of his Set-ah-sins.{{more}}

So what is the reason foh pushing the Act thru all its stages in one sitting, despite ah plea from de Opposition to pass it out foh discussion among the bone-ah-fide Set-ah-sins. It meks me wonder if somebody ain’t planning to enforce de Act right away. Remember ole people say when you digging ah whole foh you N-ah-Me, dig one foh you-self one time.

This Act is causing some concern among the See-rayons, Lip-on-knees and Guy-on-knees, you see, Julian done frighten them say how he know how many ah them voted foh him, so dey setting pon egg. In every nationality you have good and bad; everybody does pass dey mouth pon these far-rain people, how dey corrupt, how dey in drugs, in money laundering and whats not, ah will not put me neck on the block foh any body, but ah have been dealing with some ah these people like de Moussas, Tony Sassine, Mona Dear and others foh years, these people by their actions and de investments dey have in SVG have shown greater commitment to the development ah this country than many ah Vinci!

But ah will always remember when Blazer Williams was doing house to house calm-pain in Cane Garden one Sunday morning, DPP Collin Williams, de late Michael Hamlett and yours truly went with him. When we passed by ah Lip-on-knees house, de wife was ah bit skip-to-call to let us in, she shouted to us from inside and said : “ Me husband done give de money ah-ready”! Blazer looked ah bit confused, and did lose his deposit.


Minister Walters is ah Christian with the mind of ah Muslim, he don’t mess with his conviction. First he wanted to Bun all dem Who-me-sex-shall before judgement day. Now he calling on all Christians to boy-cut the movie “De Vinci Code”. Ah beg to differ from Walters. Christianity is based on the life, death and resurrection of Christ. Therefore any fictitious story with no Biblical proof should be treated accordingly, as nothing more than light entertainment.

De Vinci Code story was given nuff exposure on the TV stations. One ah the myths is that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and they had children, and when he was crucified, Mary and the young child fled to France. Man, I have read ah number ah books and Gospels that didn’t mek it in de Bible, one was called the Forgotten Book of Moses and the Lost Books of the Bible. Is lots ah things these writers said about Jesus as ah child: lepers and mothers with young kids that had skin diseases lined up foh his bath water to wash and were cleansed right away; how he performed miracles as ah lad. He carried water in ah cloak. in his father’s carpenter shop, the lumber was too short and he stretched it, He made birds from clay and made them fly away, he made blind people see and so on. But not one ah these accounts say anything about Jesus as ah Lover Boy or Husband. De Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees who stalked him every where He went wouldn’t ah miss that one, dey would ah crucified Him long time. God in de Flesh sex-shall-he involved with a woman? That is preposterous! And that is way bun Walters. Lie-Za say don’t worry with Walters he done read de book and done scope it all pon TV, he only trying to be most saved. Read the book of Luke, he was ah Physician, ah learned scientist who did ah lot ah research on the life of Christ before putting pen to paper, after that if you feel you want to, go and watch de movie and I’ll bet that instead of creating doubts in you mind, it will strengthen yuh faith in Christ. If not you were never ah true believer!


Doctor Fraser and I were the ones to approach Hands King to leave teaching and come wuk with Searchlight. He was good material, good writing skills, quickly caught on to the technical aspect of the production of the paper and most of all, he had ah mind of his own; he’s very independent, ah thought he did ah remarkable thing when he rebuilt the family home foh his mother in Murray’s Village; paid his way thru University. De girls like dey were going at him or vice versa, so he smartly settled down in marriage, ah pretty wife he got too. Hands King is no Glen Jackson and will not be ah Glen Jackson either; yuh will see him at ULP functions but you will not see Hands King on the ULP stage shouting Labour Now! He will not be on WE FM doing Public Relations wuk foh ULP or any party foh that matter. Hands King will be loyal to de Prime Minister and will mek ah first class Press Secretary. Ah want to congratulate Hands, but having worked foh Searchlight, he knows Lie-Za’s style and de kind ah things she would say about him on an occasion like this. Lie-Za say she hear Glen did mek ah Will before he died, and he did will de Press Secretary wuk foh Hands. Don’t worry with that Lie-Za Hands, she trying to say is ah Dead Lef wuk you get! Hands boy better Dead Lef than Lef Dead!

De sky is de limit.

And with that ah gone again.