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Ah feel to mek miss-shift


De Come-red talk bout the Sevens meeting and turned on my Numerology switch. Years ago when ah was in Canada ah came across ah book on Numerology, the study of Numbers, it’s ah Side-kick or Psychic Science. Basically it suggests that everyone at birth has ah Birth Number (One to Nine) that is deduced from one’s date ah birth. From yuh Number your personality and character has been determined. I am not an expert on the subject but based on what lickle ah could remember, ah just feel to mek Miss-shift and write bout them Candidates’ Numbers, just to provoke them. {{more}}

As ah look at the Numerology Chart it suggests that no less than six ah the Candidates from each Party lack pull-it-tek-all leadership stuff and will better serve the nation in their professions and other fields: from ULP yuh got Belmar, Daniel, Miguel, Slater, Straker and Walters. NDP is no better actually: Horne, Hull, Stephenson, Balcombe, Leacock and Daniel. Is like six ah one half ah dozen ah the other. The more suitable Candidates are de Come-red, Rene, Beach, Snagg and Thompson while Olliverre heads the NDP followed by Cummings, Friday, Eustace and Lewis. The remainders are borderline, mediocre Candidates. Maybe ah need to run thru the main characteristics as they relate to the Numbers starting from the lowest # One to the highest number assigned to an individual, ah # Nine.

Ah person who is ah NUMBER ONE, the symbol of ego and aggression; is ah strong-willed person who is uncomfortable with complexities and is advised to avoid them. Capable of soaring high but may fall low to ultimate disaster. One on each side: Straker, born Feb 28, 1942 and Elvis Daniel, June 5, 1961.

Ah NUMBER TWO got desire for the Balance and ah sense ah judgement that enables them to give good advice, but tend to shift back and forth hardly ever reaching true or satisfactory decision, ah kind ah turn-off. In NDP is Leacock born June 25, 1951; ULP with Slater in August 19, 1955 and Walters January 12, 1960.

NUMBER THREE shows Versatility with ability to learn things quickly. Friendly with mother nature, very free from worry, tend not to tek life seriously. From NDP is Norrel Hull born June 12, 1947; Brereton Horne in January 14, 1959 and Stephenson Nov 3, 1969. And there’s Belmar of the ULP born July 6, 1952.

NUMBER FOUR got ah steady and plodding nature that favours caution rather than risk. Honest and Reliable; best suited as technicians and researchers. From the ULP Girl-in born Nov 16, 1948 and Gomry in May 16, 1954; NDP’s Dinkey Bawl-come in January 7, 1976.

NUMBER FIVE Adventure and Travel with ah flare foh the unusual. Lack stability and will do the unexpected on the impulse ah the moment. Tend to look ahead foh something else rather than what lies at hand. Nuff ah them from both sides, ULP with three and NDP four. Heading the list is Julian born June 19, 1951; Mike Browne Sept 28, 1948; the dormant Say-yes in Oct 17, 1940 and Burgin Feb 25, 1958. Then on the NDP side is Lennie Daisley July 3, 1948; A. Bennett October 21, 1954; K. Layne February 7, 1949; Patel Matthews in Oct 1, 1965.


NUMBER SIX is where we separate the sheep from the goats. Ah Number Six stands unsurpassed; dependable, usually honest, sincere and reliable. Usually called upon to fill position of trust and come up to expectations. In the ULP there’s Snagg born January 14, 1953 and Jerrol Thompson Dec 27, 1956. And in the NDP Arnhim Eustace born Oct 5, 1944 along with Linton Lewis Dec 24, 1959.

NUMBER SEVEN the Side-kick Number that de Come-Red thinks will wuk foh him. This number symbolizes mystery, denotes knowledge and scholarship, analytical and inclined to be fanciful. Doctor Friday born Sept 28, 1959 and Boy Beach who is yet to rise to the occasion was born on Sept 26, 1970.

NUMBER EIGHT symbolizes material success, ah person who puts plans into motion, complete them and go on to bigger things. Strong and not stopped by Opposition. The unfortunate thing about this Number Eight class is that Rene born Oct 27 1951 and Daniel Cummings April 22, 1953 will oppose each other and only one can win. But clearly herein lies the candidates best suited to be deputy leaders of their respective parties.

And this brings us to the big NUMBER NINE the greatest of all the Prime Numbers. The symbol of Universal Achievement, ah combination of influence and intellect. Eights and Nines come like one in every fifteen, scarce. De Come-Red, and foh all those ego-scent-tricks in the NDP who ain’t even win ah seat yet and fighting foh Leadership, tek note, that humble and ordinary looking lickle fellah Terrance Olliverre born Sept16, 1964 has the greatest potential foh Leader in the party.


Ah very interesting situation develops when ah total the Numbers assigned to each candidate on both sides. Both ULP and NDP show ah low total of 72 which gives each ah Number Five average. There seems to be not much of ah muchness between these dream teams. In terms of Individual ranking: De Come-red ranks over Balcombe; ah dead heat between Rene and Cummings who are both Eights, same with Browne and Layne who are Sevens; Beach over Daisley; Friday edges Belmar; Lewis over Burgin; Gomry ranks over Elvis; Eustace over Francis; Bennett over Miguel; Olliverre over Snagg; Say-yes over Leacock; Horne over Walters; Thompson over Patel; Hull over Straker; and Stephenson over Slater. From this tally it appears that NDP got the better line up by ah small margin. But before all yuh bite off me head, Numerology only suggests who got what it teks foh Polly-ticks, it cannot say who will vote foh whom and who will win. Furthermore, didn’t ah tell all yuh that Numerology is ah Side-kick Science in other words it is first cousin to Oh-be-ah man! Ooooooooh!


De Come-red do and do until he kill the spirit ah Elections. He kept the date so long that the Calm-Pain climaxed on Sunday night when he made the announcement. And what ah set ah money they spent on Julian’s launching. Ah can’t imagine why they want to get rid ah Arm-in so badly, it smacks of contempt, as though he is ah hinderance. Dey want no opposition and this meks me wonder. Lie-Za reminds me that ah did say ah will vote foh Arm-in every day ah the week and twice on ah Sunday. She say ah might just have to do that to ensure he wins this time. Ah calmly told her: “Yes, Arm-In will get my one vote again.” Ah see all kind ah books in the ‘Ology’, Astrology, Numerology, Colorology but never any on Jailology, or Prisonology”!

And with that ah gone again.

One love Bassy!