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Letter No. 2 from Me-Ah-Me


Dear Lie-Za,

Ah still dey in Me-ah-Me, high and dry as the ole people uses to say. Ah know yuh anxiously waiting to hear way Hurry-Came Will-Mah do with me.

Well ah got news foh yuh, ah tek ah early vacate-shun sorry, evac-yu-hear-son. Lie-Za girl, since ah small ah been watching out foh Hurry-Cane, and ah talking from way back before they uses to give them names. The first big name was Janet in 1955, she did mash down Grenada; Janet sister was Katie, and Katie did mash down Me-ah-Me! So from the time ah see Will-mah really coming in truth, ah say to me-self: ” One Love boy, tek warning, home or away, do way yuh custom doing boy, run!” {{more}}

Straight away, ah went into ah prayer dialogue with my Master and he suggested that ah go north till everything pass. Will-Mah wreaked havoc in southern Florida, people of Florida wondering what evil deed dey did to be hit by eight Hurry-Canes in fifteen months. Ah can’t answer that but as ah watch the news around the World, ah see over in the East there is the great Sad-am going thru his Try-all and over here on the west, the might-he Bush having to deal with all these natural disasters, obviously going thru his Tribulations, ah wonder if this is not all about retribution? In the meantime some two thousand flights back up in Me-ah-Me Airport so this year ah will miss In-de-pen-dance is more like miss Out-de-pen-dance!


Tell me bout home, ah had ah peep on the Cana Web-site and ah see where the Opposition claiming that some 2000 names of persons whom they the opposition does not recognize dey pon the voters list. Ah bet your name down four times: Lisa, Lease-her, Liza, Lie-Za and yuh real name Elizabeth that yuh never use. By the way, which ah yo surname yuh registered. Ah will bet again that yuh gave yuh mother name on one, then yuh father name, yuh grand parents name and yuh no doubt forge Lie-Owe’s name say yuh married to him. If yuh know what’s good fuh yuh, yuh better vote only once.

Seriously though, IF the Opposition crying wolf! Wolf! it means that they fear this 2000 names will not wuk foh them, and could be ah ULP plan to walk with all fifteen seats. Because IF even yuh say that list ah 2000 names the Opposition claiming is inflated by ninety percent, or only ten percent accurate, then we can be looking at 200 votes that could change things; for IF those 200 names were votes foh ULP and IF they were to be divided between East Kingstown with 40 and Southern Grenadines 160, come election night, yuh could be watching ah results with ULP fourteen seats and NDP one! But remember is only IF ah IF-ing and is only ole people that uses to say “the only way too-too could ever walk is IF it had bones….”

Supervisors of Elections over the years have been always under attack, and we have had some very outstanding public servants holding that post, G.F. Jack, Egbert Samuel, Bully Robertson, my school-mate Selwyn Jones was the last.

Interestingly however, despite all the allegations leveled at those noble men, they have all maintained their dignity and integrity and can walk town-street today with dey heads up in the air! Ah believe that Mr. Adams, as fragile as he might appear, is ah decent man too and will not be the exception. However ah believe that there are names on the voters list that should not be there; some dead, some dey away and some neither dead nor dey way! But 2000 Names is Plenty and Mr. Adams as the Supervisor, who does not register names or process names, is in ah sticky situation sitting at the end of ah chain where he has to rely on staff, hopefully efficient throughout, and believe me that is where the problem is.

Ah worked with Guv-ah-mint foh years and ah know how the system wuks, all it teks to frustrate ah system is ah lickle spanner or monkey wrench, like ah don’t-kay someone who has no appreciation foh the serious nature of the job, and thinks nothing in doing ah poor job at checking foh bogus names.

So where do we go from here? Back to the Christian Council, they volunteered to get the National Monitoring Committee going. Even though the records will suggest that they don’t like to deal with names on lists, Arm-in has not forgiven them foh not investigating his list of 600 NDP supporters that he claimed were victim-eyes by ULP when they took office in 2001. Ah will love to see no stone unturned in ensuring ah Free and Fair Election because something tells me that come Elections night either ULP is going to win Big! Big! Or NDP will surprise everybody and breeze pass de pole. Whichever way it goes ah fraid no side is going to accept the results.

If yuh see me friend Doc E.G. King tell him look out foh his Tri Tri this weekend, definitely Sat-dey, and tell him no tricks this time, buy good Tri Tri , leave those from the Bottom alone, sorry, the Bottom Town River alone.

And with that ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.