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Dat Bill is Dead!


No matter how yuh try yuh can’t beat de Come-red when it come to pull-it-tek-all tricks.

Ley we do ah Rasta turn around and go forward to the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when ah piece ah Black Consciousness, Black Power call it whatever, swept the Plan-it like wild-fire! Ah Power Plant was set up in SVG by ah group ah young, local, middle and potential upper class Black Intellectuals. {{more}}

Ole Labour sensed trouble, as they were the accepted shade ah Black that had taken over White Power from the Colonials. Actually they were our first crop ah Roast Breadfruit. Shiney Black outside but White all over inside. When them fellars pressed the Switch and turned on the Power Plant, the Power Lines couldn’t tek the load, the Power Supply was too strong and right away it blew all the fuses and caused ah Black-out! Well Ole Labour saw Red all over, incidentally de Come-red was there, not with Ole Labour though, would yuh believe he was the one White Man among the crew of this all Black Star-liner Power Plant, de third Engineer; and on the decks was ah third Mate; none other than Arm-In. PR was ah Captain at one time?

But Ole Labour say if they causing ah Black-out that could close down the wuks, so why not write them ah Bill foh damages. And since dey serving the Public call it de Public Service Bill. It was ah Black Day when that Bill was passed. Ah most repressive and backward piece ah legislation; but as Sir Vincent said on Tuesday in his eulegy at the burial ah Dat Bill, these are the things that help to build ah nation.

Two years after Dat Bill was passed, Mitchell Junta took office, but he didn’t touch it after all he didn’t put it there, and it was like ah good bull-pistle to hold over any future or aspiring Power Engineer. Another two years and Ole Labour was back in office foh another ten years. Sir Vincent was there with them but Dat Bill remained untouched,. My small encounter with the Bill was when ah was President ah the Public Service Union, ah uses to criticize Ole Labour in the Press, they had order ah Axe foh me, but God bless George Thomas Chairman ah the PSC and Frankie Thomas the CPO. They told me they were given de hatchet to chop me down, but it was wrong, and don’t stop writing, that as head of ah Trade Union, ah had ah Lie-sins to comment in public, but they warned me to write only Truth!

Then we moved Ole Labour and put in Sir James foh seventeen years; with all fairness, he never used de Bill but he never moved it, Former chief Mate, PR and former third Mate Arm-In were with Mitchell, but they didn’t touch it either. Two weeks ago, Arm-In tried ah lickle stroke to score some pull-it-tek-all miles by promising to remove Dat Bill if he gets back in office. But Arm-In should know better, yuh don’t say them things and mek de Come-red hear; de man nar sleep, he go do it fuss! And he did, so Dat Bill Is Dead and so is Ole Labour it can now RIP, thanks to de Come-red!


Sean Sutherland is ah musical genius, but we will find it out only after he settles down in his shortly to be adopted homeland Trini-daddy Toe-big-oh. Sean has ah double Masters Degree in Music and Electrical Engineering. He been sharing his expertise with the Digicel Rhythmix Steelband who won Gold at this year’s Music Festival. This weekend the Band will team up with Sean on Piano foh what promises to be ah rare moment of Ivory and Steel. This group is a fine example of what our young people can and will do if given ah fair break. The band is still living on the street, butting from pay-low to post to do rehearsals, they don’t have ah home foh dey pans. Ah want to wish Sean the very best and God’s blessing as he moves to ah place where he will get to express himself. Show them wha Vincy could do Sean!


When ah predict Tri Tri coming on ah specific day and Tri Tri come in truth, people does come up to me and tell me thanks, like if is me send the Tri Tri, And the way they does carry on yuh would think ah is some kind ah Owe-be-ah-man. One woman asked me; “what else yuh could predict”? Ah write last week say what Lie-Za predict 9-6 with the elections and De Come-red God-son, Wane Dah Brill send message to tell me is only Tri Tri ah could predict right! But Lie-Za gave me ah prediction foh Wane, she say las’ election Wane ring bell from Byera to town and he hand get corns, this time, he will have to ring bell from Fancy to Shattoo, and it won’t be corn this time, is Peas, licks like Peas!

Back to Tri Tri. My friend and school-mate Dr E.G King wrote ah book ah Lamentations over the Miracle ah the century, Tri Tri in Bottom Town river. E.G is correct that river is poor-looted, ah lot ah Too-Too does be round dey, and the Tri Tri should not be eaten. Anyhow Fritz tell me that is the sweetest Tri Tri dey ever eat. Maths was my thing and ah know that Too Too and Tri Tri mek Thirteen, but ah want Dr. E.G, ah good sigh-an-test to explain what is the in-greed-ient in that river that mek the Tri Tri so sweet. EG Boy, yuh too, too smart.

Lie-Za didn’t give me any Election news this week, ah think them massive ULP launches sent she revisiting that wild forecast she mek last week. Anyhow she reminded me that de Come-red going to look foh Haile See-law-see with ah contingent ah Rastas. How de Come-red order ah Rasta Natty from Jah-mek-yah. How de Come-red say he is the Blackest Prime Minister, she wonder if he is not the Nuttyest oops Natty-est Prime Minister and how she cant wait to hear him say “Jaw Raw Stuff foh I”!

N.B. My humble apolozies to Deputy Commissioner Pompey foh giving his post to Bro Brewster. No offence Brother, ah wonder what Pump-me not to Pump-he! And with that ah gone again,

One Love Bassy.