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Be Hot.. Be Clean.. Be Straight Mr. Commissioner


Ah believe ah still in time to congratulate all them Police Officers who received promotions. Ah glad foh Bandmaster, Inspector Sam-son; ah hope they consider Jam-Back next time around.

Congrats to my one time near-bah Madam ASP Gonsalves; my humble villager Bertram Cumberbatch and all the others. But my greatest Joy who ever Joy is, was when ah saw the new Police Commissioner Me-Law and his Deputy Brew-star on the front page ah all the papers, ah felt proud foh them two Lickle Black Boys. Is only people who been round long like me and longer, will remember the Force in Colonial times. The position ah Chief and Deputy were reserved foh the white boys from England; names like Randolph and Jenkins come to mind. {{more}}

Funny eh, ah could still remember as ah lickle youth, one ah them Chief uses to visit my area very often, but only in the night. It was not until his car ran over ah bank up above way White City is now, that everybody found out that the Chief was squeeze-in ah lickle Black Berry in the Village. Needless to say what ah “splish-splash that was”!

Ah remember too as ah lickle youth ah man name Joshua, he uses to bun them Colonial heads ah Departments from Administrator, to Ah-torn-knee General to Chief ah Police. Comrad Joshua declared all ah them “Persona non grata” not welcome. And they went one after the other, clearing the way foh Colonel Anderson from Jah-mek-yah, ah great Chief and still ah great gentleman! Then after Andy, the locals start getting ah break. So we have come ah long way.

Ah don’t believe those former Commissioners had Degrees, but they had Temperature, Hot! And this is all ah asking of Commissioner Me-Law and Deputy Brew-star. Be Hot! Be Clean! Be Straight! and stand up foh what is Right! Don’t be bam-boozled by any Pull-it-tek-all leader. You are young Stars, so let all-yoh Light shine and become Super Stars!


Lie-Za is not her usual self this week. She went to the NDP Launch at Sharpes and as usual she phoned after midnight to tell me Lee-cock had ah bigger launch than Say-yes, he had ten thousand people. Ah told her that sounds like plenty. But bright and early Sunday afternoon, she put on ah Red T-Shirt and join the ULP Band-Wagon to Bagga foh Lou-we Strake-her launch. Ah waited all night foh her call; when she did call, was on Monday, she sounded like ah loser. She say de Come-red tell the crowd was over 20,000.

Ah thought ah could brighten up her spirits ah bit, so ah told her ah listened to both meetings and the emphasis seemed to be on the crowd, not much was said bout the issues. Speaker after Speaker with one tune: “What ah crowd ah Pee-plooooh, Labour Now or NDP forever”!

Then ah explained to her that both parties been moving around with their Crowd ah Pee-ploooh. That it will tek fifty 20-seater Vans to transport ah thousand people, so if NDP had 10, 000 people at Sharpes, about 500 vans move those people up to Sharpes. And if ULP had 20, 000 people in Bagga, it took some 1000 vans to move those people. What is also interesting is that ULP got over 27, 000 votes in the 2001 Elections; so 20, 000 people at ah meeting, means that almost all ah dey supporters turned up at Bagga. Then ah ask her what she think. She say : “ The two party ah tell ah set ah lie!”


The next thing ah told her was, people say to ask her how the seats going so far, somebody suggesting that ULP winning 14 to 1. She put her hand on her hips and repeated my statement: “Somebody tell you ULP winning 14 to 1? let me tell all ah yuh this, NDP winning this election. Elvis Daniel done win in the North, Walters loss his deposit ‘gainst Brey-ah-ton Horne”. She paused ah moment and said : “Ah sorry foh Bug-in, ah prefer him to Linton, but Linton go beat him”. Ah asked her about the two young-stars Daisy and Beach, she say Lend-he say he know bout Agriculture, well he got ah job pon he hand planting Daisies pon ah Beach.

“What about de Come-red”? ah asked, she said, she giving de Come-red ah slight edge over Dinkey. “Add-Fire done clean-up the Girl-in the Valley and Kingsley only leave to wuk on Bom Bom Village”. Ah told her ah hear Julian done win Arm-In by 360 votes. That like it trigger her off fire, straight away she say, “thief Votes! NDP winning the three Kingstown seats. We can’t deal with Dug-he ‘Vision Now’ and Beach and Lou-We tek the Hull out ah the ship. Thompson know he done lose, he calling foh ah second launch”.

Ah told her Snagg doing well, but with her good humor she say: “ Yuh yo-self, anybody does go ah store, know ah thing got ah snagg in it, and still buy it”? In the same breath, she continued, “and before yuh mention anything bout Her-man Bell-mar, ley me give yuh ah joke”. She gave me one ah them mischievous smile and asked: “Yuh ain’t hear Mrs Bell-mar vex till she mad, she complain to de Come-red that she ain’t like what going on, all of ah sudden the young girls in Bequia meeting she in the street and telling she, dey want Her-man”!

To close it off ah asked how many seat she got now, she did ah quick finger count and said: “ Nine to six”.

Ah have no comments to mek. All ah want is foh de Come-red to invite Observers to monitor this Election, because ULP looking foh fourteen seats and NDP feel they got ah surprise foh everybody. One way or the other the loser will not accept de-feet, not when yuh “Watch Dah Crowd ah Pee-ploooooh”! only Observers will settle it all.

And with that is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy!