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Keep off de race trace come-red


Ah got ah few calls from NDP Dye-hards foh me to comment on de Come-red’s alleged Race-shall slur. But when yuh been around as long as me, yuh will learn not to get too excited over, and let me spell it out clearly “Pull-it-tek-all Leaders and what they say bout each other”. {{more}}

Joshua in dealing with his opponents was very diplomatic in his choice ah words; Cato never got into mud slinging, he was ah man of great pride. Mitchell had ah knack foh turning every heckle on him into good humor; he got the most licks as ah Leader in this country, they sing from Kaiso to Waltz pon Mitchie starting with Archie, to Jessie, to Nancy and then they crowned him the I-man! Arm-in term as PM was so short ah does forget that he did serve ah few months.

Now de Come-red could be all of the above and more, starting from I and I, Raw-stuff-foh-I! But ah don’t think he is Race-sis. If yuh tell me, that when come to Self-Praise, Self-Conceit and Self-Importance, not even the great Sir James could step in de Come-red sandals, ah will agree with you,

And in my books it is not necessarily Race-shall if de Come-red goes on ah pull-it-tek-all platform and boasts, that in the dark, George Bush will recognize him and will ask who Arm-in be. That is the Self-Conceit ah talking bout. And when King Solomon, the wisest Leader, ah Black Man too, was asked to comment on Self-Praise, Self-Conceit, Self-Importance and Self-Exaltation, he said: “ Man should never overestimate himself for it closes the gate to real wisdom which gives a true evaluation of self”. Pilate did wash he hands when asked to mek ah judgement; maybe ah will “wash me foot” and pass de Come-red over to Nelson Mandella or wake-up the late Martin Luther King to comment on his provocative statement. Ah would not want foh this Election to be dragged into ah Race-shall War, let us not go down that road. So foh now ah would add-vice de Come-red that if as he say this Election is ah Marathon, then let every body run on the road and keep clear ah all Race-tracks.


First to begin with, the Love Vine condemns any threats on the lives of our citizens, and hope that those who planning to create this country into ah state of Terror will be caught. But Lie-Za is on the bawl. She keep saying that this Election like is trouble, she say when the topic is not bout Race, it is E-race. Somebody wants to E-race or Tek-Out de Come-red. Lie-Za say that dey meat too hard to boil. How of all the Prime Ministers, foh the short period he’s there, de Come-red has touched the poor in greater areas than all the rest. He is the best loved of them all . Mind yuh she don’t kicks on these matters, in fact she condemn such actions. But then she say she got ah hint that one ah de Come-red’s close associate is going to Tek Out de Come-red. Then she switched the conversation and said she know if is one man that want to come forward and run just to Tek Out Louie Straker pull-it-tek-all-he is former Commissioner Quow! Quow done declare Straker pull-it-tek-all-he senile, insane and dead! Then she say them Farine and Our-root starch lovers ready to Tek Out Gumry Daniel from the pull-it-tek-all Race. How Gumry boast in Par-liar-mint say that under ULP the acreage planted in Our-root has tripled, but four years done pass and not ah single pound ah Our-root starch on the shelves today. Farine say if yuh catch me tek me foh free.

Then she say somebody in Guv-ah-mint sabotage the two women in Par-liar-mint with the roads in their Constituencies. She say after Rainy couldn’t get Fort Road fix, the people tell Rainy to beg Cummings foh two ah his stones he didn’t use and fix Fort Road give she.

She say even the Girl-in the Valley come-plain say now she start ah fix the roads ah set ah Keys-ah show up every way she turn. But the hardest blow pelt, was when de Come-red say he get ah new Coast Guard boat to help curb the contra bond liquors coming in the Keys. Keys people say is ah good thing the Snagg is on the outside, so that when Election come they won’t have to bother Tek Out de Snagg.

Well ah find she rambling and won’t say who want to Tek Out de Come-red, so ah finally pin she down to ah answer. She say every body warn de Come-red bout this so-called friend he got walking with him every way he go, hook-up under his bossom. He gives him food, over feed him actually; when everybody else in the hot son de Come-red got he under cover; rain barely drizzling, he covering him with jacket from getting wet. His colleagues warn him, friends warn him, even enemies warn him tell him how is ah dangerous hombre he hugging up that is ah master Tek-Out agent, de Come-red wouldn’t hear.

So ah start ah guess, is it Glen? She say No! “Is it the Security”? No! “ Is it Brendon”? she say no. Then she said ah will tell yoh but promise me yoh won’t tell nobody. Anxiously ah tell she, deal. She came closer and whispered in me ears and said: “ Somebody tip me off , it is frightening, when last yuh see it? that Belly! yuh don’t think that sooner or later it will Tek-Out de Come-red”! Ah wish Commissioner Harry could lock she up foh spreading room-yah!

Before ah go. This Sunday when we go to Church, ask the Pastor to allow us to spend ah ten minutes in fervent Prayer foh our brothers and sisters in Iraq, New Orleans and its neighboring states. And give thanks to the Lord foh sparing us too. And with that ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.