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Good promises we hope


Ole people say who dey round longest will see de most. Ah been around long nuff to remember the number ah Ear-Ports that them Pull-ah-trick-hands promise us. Yes ah have to call it Ear-Port cause ah been hear-in and not see-in nothing happen, that now-ah-days when ah hear Ear-Port ah does let it go thru one Ear and come thru the next Ear.

And ah don’t know if is by coincidence, but the time-in ah the Ear-Port Promise is always the same, just before General Elections. Cato did promise ah Ear-Port in 1984, just before the elections when he got kicked out. Sir James said he had the money in his hand foh the Ear-Port development in 2001, just before the elections when he got kicked out too. Now de Come-red say everybody promise to help him build ah Ear-Port, listen eh, ah not saying de Come-red getting kicked out, but ah can’t help notice that his statement come-in just before elections too.{{more}}

When ah was on holy-days in New York 15 years ago, John Horne was on business there too, he phoned to tell me he meeting some In-festors who were ready to put down ah Ear-Port, they had done ah study and had opted fuh the site at Kitchen. Ah believe that when he got back his efforts were frost-rated. Ah remember Errol Allen too, back in the 1980s did get ah estimate of EC$ 750,000 foh ah Ear-Port study, he had ah I-dare how to raise the money and had invited ah number ah concerned citizens with Sir Rupert as Chairman to sit on ah Ear-Port Development Committee foh SVG. But like John Horne, Mr Allen’s efforts were frost-rated.


But ah want that International Ear-Port so bad that ah feel if the Devil bring one foh me ah will tek it. Ah lot ah people love Devil money but they don’t like people to know dey doing business with Satan people. Is like the ole woman, hungry, dey sitting pon she steps saying she prayers. When she reach “give us this day our daily bread” ah lickle boy was passing and he had ah bag ah bread, he heard she and tek out ah bread ah lash she in she face and run. The ole lady look up to Jesus and said: “Thank yuh Jesus, ah see is de Devil bring it, but ah know is yuh who sent it”! Lie-Za say if de Come-red was not such ah fine looking man she would ah say finally God sending ah Ear-Port give we and the only body he could find to bring it is de Devil. Yuh see this Devil talk ah not in that. Ah does hear people call him all kind ah Devil when he anger them, ah not in that either, what ah do know is that he is ah Hell-have-ah-man!

Devil or no Devil, ah want everybody to join hands in this one, To-get-her-Now and be ah Kinder and Gentler nation and give de Come-red full support foh the Ear-Port he promise we. Providing the people who promise him will keep they promise. Remember Arthur still Owe-in or Promise de Come-red ten million Bar-bedders dollars if he win, we never got it. Ah believe that was ah bet, de Come-red did bed-Arthur ten million that he would ah win the last elections.

Now ah listen to de Come-red’s presentation, he was clear and articulate; his objectives, content and justification were convincing, ah good document. He sounded ah bit compromising in some ah the cost areas, no doubt trying to avoid imposing another unconscionable financial burden on us. The main weak area as ah said before is, it is very heavily dependant on Promises! But in the meantime we have to mek we own Promise too. Promise we-self that we will accept this as SVG International Ear-port. No matter who bring it and who name they put on it, it belongs to we, just like Ottley Hall it can’t move. Ah better be careful because E.T Joshua Ear-Port suppose to move after Argyle done.


But let me warn de Come-red. He will be acquiring ah lot ah important property, Homes! Ah Vincentian’s first love is her Home, that’s her Palace, just look around and see the houses, Big and Beautiful. Somebody has to sell the I-dear of relocation to these people with compassion. Ah hear de Come-red say he instructed the Chief Surveyor to start putting down boundaries, Come-red never mind the Acquisition Laws, it don’t wuk so at all.

If yuh want to get ah I-dear of what it’s like to be relocated abruptly, just imagine after yuh done promise we so much ah thing, Arm-in still win the elections. How dah-go-look after yuh done fix up de place nice, nice, and feel yuh dey till debt, Arm-in coming now to order yuh to move out ah the Prime Minister’s residence. They will be asking foh more war than He-Rack! So Come-red wheel and come again with them properties.


The more thing change the more it can’t. It look like only yesterday when Sir James was there and he had all the Customs and Immigration Officers at ah Seminar telling them how to deal with visitors to SVG. “Whenever you see ah Visitor with ah passport mark born in SVG, ask no question, just stamp the person’s passport and say thank yuh and Bah-bye,” he said. Would yuh believe that Sir James’ very Sister had to fall victim to this non-cents when she tried to come thru ET Joshua to see her Mom who is not so well. Lie-Za always lucky to be present. She said the lady was accompanied by her two grand-children now in they early teens, their mission was more than clear, but Immigration had ah awe-full set ah questions fuh the lady; yuh will think she nah barn yah. Mek matters worse, she actually missed the first boat to Bequia. We are known foh being better than that.

Ah was telling Lie-Za how times have changed, how this beautiful lady friend ah have tell me she was passing thru Bo-bathe-us where Vincies seem to have lots ah problems. She said the Immigration fellar took ah eye-in look at her, gave her ah cute smile, stamped her passport and said “see yuh later”. Yuh know Lie-Za had the nerve to tell me that if the incident was about ah beautiful lady, it had to be her when she passed thru, and then she ask me if ah forget was she who did tell me that story.

Hear nah, ah think is time to go, ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.