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God is good!


In his haste to catch the “First Plane to Havana” to get his eyes treated, there was ah mix-up and Leo suite case was not in the van when he got to Arnos Vale.

The only possession he had with him, was the one suite ah clothes on his back and his Violin and Bamboo Flute in his hand. But if yuh know the man Leo Anthony, yuh will overs that clothes or no clothes, that will not be ah problem, for while his daughters Storm-in up and down the Airport looking foh an extra pants and shirt foh him to walk with, he was Calm-in them down. He assured them that as long as he had his Fiddle and his Piccolo with him, he was more than covered. {{more}}

And indeed he was, for no sooner the party ah SVG Sight-seekers boarded the plane, someone up front with ah Harmonica struck up the Gospel Chorus “God is so Good” straightaway Leo’s Flute echoed at the back, and the entire trip was transformed into a Praise and Worship Session.

That was only the smoke. Ah ain’t gone to Cuba yet, but many years ago Casper London went there, and couldn’t get over the shock treatment he got, they had big guard of honour foh him every where he went, and this was the norm foh visiting dignitaries. But our meek and lowly Sight-seeking Party never had ah clue that big Reception Party waiting foh them on arrival at the Airport.

Of course there was ah small Cuban Musical Band on stage and is like an instrument or two was missing; at least Leo made them aware of that when he took over.

Eye witness say that when he saw the band, he stopped his wheel chair, took his Violin from the case and the Maestro he is, without any musical scores, just simply joined in, smack on from the first note.

Smoke gone, now fire begin to blaze. Next song, Leo put down the Violin and took out his Flute and the real Concert began. Foh those who never hear bout the man Leo Anthony, he plays any instrument, whether is Wind, String, Skin or Ping. He plays the Sax, Trumpet, Bum Drum, Piano, what-have-yuh.

Ah few months ago we went to play foh a funeral and when ah dropped him home, he invited me inside foh us to play some Spanish Rhythms. He took my Cuatro and strum ah few chords, ah couldn’t believe that he was that good.

But still more was in store foh the Cubans from Leo. By the time the music had stopped the place was packed with Reporters and Cameras, and guess what, Leo conducted his own interview speaking fluent Spanish he had learnt from his Venezuelan buddies when he worked in Aruba.

It is obvious that after such an appearance, Leo will be accorded ah tremendous welcome and is now receiving VIP courtesies. The first batch ah Sight-seekers is back minus Leo. Is like they love him so much, they kidnap him and killing him up dey with kindness. Here at home Leo has been in and out ah Hospital with an ulcer on his foot, that has restricted his movement terribly, and foh Leo who loves to roam, that was ah frustrating to say the least.

Well the Cuban doctors have treated the ulcers, before going on to the eyes. So when he gets back, with new foot to walk and eyes to see again, ah sorry foh Laura and them, is no-way they go keep Leo quite! And is so ah happy foh me boy Antho!


Earlier this week the news say ah man was arrested and charged $ 150.00 foh stealing ah pack ah Condoms. . Now this one got to be ah Puzzle in truth when yuh consider the District Nurses and them giving way Condoms free, that had to be ah most expensive pack ah Condom. Not even the great Lie-Za could fit- the pieces ah this Puzzle. She say this one Puzzle-her, she know bout “Thief Chance if yuh nah ha Condom”, but never hear “Thief Condom foh go tek Chance”. Then she say that the Mad-is-straight himself in trying to sort out the Puzzlement, warned the Puzzler that Stealing ah Condom might protect him from getting HIV/ AIDS, but it will not Protect him from ah Jail”!


The biggest hurdle in the ULP camp was cleared last Sat-dey night when Glen Bitch Rob-he by five or six votes. It was real Bad-luck foh Good-luck and the Biabou ULP Posse that was plugging foh Rob-he in preference to Glen Beach. Dey cry out foh fowl. They say is no way Glen could ah win the nomination. But de Come-red and Ole man Beach in this thing too long not to have there own way, that is the difference between Arm-in on one side and de ole foxes like Sir James, Sir Vin-sin and de Come-red on the other side; is if Sir James was there and he wanted Lennie Daisley and Kingsley Layne, both ah them would ah been nominated unopposed; my friend Frank would ah ha nuff to talk bout.

So if de Come-red wanted Rob-he, then Rob-he would ah been there, and the Biabou Posse might not be far off when they say dey ROB+HE + FIX + PAH+ TRICK them together is Rob-he Fix-Pa-Trick!

And with that ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.