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Operation eye opener

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Of all the senses, the Sight or Vision, whether mental or physical is de most important foh me. Ah believe it was Solomon, that man of great Vision who once said ‘where there is no Vision, the people will perish’.

There is no greater loss than yuh Sight and no richer blessing than to have yuh sight restored. It’s all there in the Good Book, people of all race and religion trampled pon one another to get the Great Physician to touch their eyes and grant them their sight. {{more}}

Maybe that’s why today, if President Castro is given ah chance he will provide ah service that will ensure better Vision foh the poor masses in the entire Eastern Caribbean!

But who is this fellar Castro? Well, he stands tall, shoulder to shoulder with great men like Mandela, Mandela of course sits at the apex, yuh cant get higher than that. Castro ah would say, is the Grand-son ah Common-is-him and foh that he was placed in quarantine by his own Caribbean people. Public enemy number one to the USA and foh 46 years Castro defied the might, the wrath and the threats of the mighty United States, chanting down every US leader, watching no less than ten US presidents come and go.

Ah would not ah been able to write half the things ah does write sometimes if ah was in Cuba; but that aside, Castro is ah man ah Principle, he is no Flip Flop, he has been consistent all along, he stands by his convictions and holds his promises. Under Castro, thousands ah Cuban soldiers died in Africa fighting side by side with the Freedom Fighters to destroy inequality, injustice and apartheid. He has been trying foh years to reach out to his Caribbean near-bars.

In 1979 when the Volcano erupted, Castro took it on himself to send ah Cuban ship laden with medical supplies to SVG; but it was Cato’s Labour Party Guv-ah-mint in power then and they behave like the supplies was coated with Common-is-him, so they would have nothing to do with that car-go. The sailors weren’t even allowed to come ashore, foh fear that they would ah spread dis-ease called Common-is-him. Now today is the same Common-is-him coming back to correct Eye-dis-ease.

Thanks to Yulimo and men like Renrick Rose, our young scholars were able to slip out the country to get ah University Education in Cuba. Every one ah them dey back home now, serving they country holding top positions too. Our own Minister ah Hell’t Dug-he Slater had to settle foh ah Cuban schol, this is after he was overlooked foh ah UWI schol, we all know that was ah case ah who pull-it tek-all. Monday was Dug-he lucky day, de Come-red was not here, so he got ah chance to address the Press and welcome the Cuban doctors, this Eye Opener is good foh South Leeward people to see he trying, whether that is nuff is another story.

But this Operation Eye Opener is ah Gift that goes further than the naked Eye can see, ah gift from the Guv-ah-mint and people of Cuba, secured by the Guv-ah-mint ah SVG foh de people ah SVG. And ah don’t like the snide anti ULP remarks ah hearing bout the program. This is ah service that is Free, if ULP scores from it then they deserve it! But Ralph or Arm-In not paying foh this, ah shouldn’t sat that, this could either have ah pay or payback. But my add-vice to all is to get rid ah yuh Bad eye, go and get an expert opinion,

Lie-Za making noise that when man Eye Open, dey does See too much, sometimes. She say dog does tek nine days before they Eye Open, during that time they does coil up under they mother, the day yuh See dey Eye Open, and they could See foh they-self, Mamma and Papa too, nar See them again, is gone dey gone!


Ah wish ah could ah get ah rag and jump and waive and say ” we getting cheap oil from Shove-his”. If yuh tell me Castro say that SVG will get cheaper Oil from Cuba, ah would park me Jeep by the Gas station and wait. But Shove-his is yet to deliver on his promise, in fact ah don’t want to jump on him too early, because he ain’t dey bout long enough foh me to say whether or not he does full-fill his promises. So far he only bluff we once with that oil deal we were suppose to get ah few years ago.

Oil is no ordinary commodity like say rice, sugar or banana; and no leader can just give way his people oil like that. Foh we to get Oil from Shove-his, it will not be foh Banana, we might have to agree foh Venezuelan Fishermen to plunder our fishing banks, and that can’t wuk. Ah will bet though, that if any thing comes out ah this agreement, we will get the too-too end ah the stick.

Ah hear Arm-In say that this Oil Agreement that Shove-his mek them fellars sign will turn America ‘gainst we. Does it really matter, He still believe America got we to study, not after all them CBI and NAFTA agreement or dis-agreement that had promised so much, and not after way Clinton and them do to we Bananas. Ah have no brief foh Bush or Shove-his, but on this latest Oil Deal ah beg to abstain, ah will tek ah doubting Thomas on this one!


Yuh know yuh could all time count on Lie-Za foh de real story in ah story. She say she glad they found the Coke-in the casket in Grenada, how is Satan who did order ah supply foh his Coke Jumbie and dem down in hell. How is another live Coke Jumbie who put it in the casket, Then she mention that the body in the coffin smart, he wouldn’t budge at all, he not saying who put it dey or who it belong to. So ah ask she how she know all that. She tell me she got it from Lie-nah, one ah Lie-Owe cousin in the Grenada Nar-cut-it Squad, that when they tell the body in the coffin that it will not be released until it mek ah statement. “What do yuh have to say”? they asked de body, and the body shut he mouth and he eye tighter and said Nothing!

And with that ah gone again. One Love Bassy!