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Should we ban persons coming from ebola affected countries?


Dear Doc,

Why would St Vincent and the Grenadines and other countries put a ban on our sisters and brothers from Africa travelling here? Like we are shunning our own people, man!{{more}}


Dear Mack,

The ease of spread of the ebola virus, the high rate of death associated with it and our inability to provide treatment are some of the obvious guides to this decision.


In medical and scientific practices, we understand the emotions associated with decisions like these, but objective reasoning is paramount. We must strive to control rather than spread diseases and it is best to fight a disease in one common area than all over the world.

A person with the ebola virus travelling to St Vincent and the Grenadines would not be entering a place where they can be given better care, but rather would be bringing a disease that can kill many. We not only endanger ourselves and our existence, but also that of other people in other states.


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