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How is the Ebola Virus spread?


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How is the Ebola Virus spread?


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The Ebola Virus spreads through the contact with infected persons; their body fluids, either directly or indirectly through their clothes or bedding; blood, vomitus, urine, faeces, sputum et cetera.{{more}}

Persons who have been infected and develop symptoms of fever, vomiting and diarrhoea are especially contagious as body fluids filled with the Ebola Virus can be easily transmitted then. Persons who are symptomless can transmit the virus through intimate contact as body fluids exchanged through kissing and sexual intercourse can share the virus.

Treatment of Ebola must ONLY be done by trained personnel in designated hospitals and treatment facilities. Persons who have died of Ebola are contagious, thus handling of the dead must be done by trained, supervised, suitably protected personnel to reduce the risk of transmission.

There a period of 21 days that is considered the incubation period after exposure to a person with Ebola. It means that you can present with the disease up to 21 days after the virus was in contact with you.


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