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How are “gas” and cancer linked?


Dear Doc,

I went to my doctor with “gas” and vomiting. He told me about the possibility of infection with the bacteria called H. pylori and the risk of cancer. How are “gas” and cancer linked? I am lost?{{more}}


Dear Wayne,

“Gas” is the perfect diagnosis for everything that involves abdominal pain, and there is a home remedy in every household; but there can be more than just “gas” affecting you.

Vomiting and abdominal pain, accompanied by bloated feeling and belching, can be gastritis. This refers to the irritation of the lining of the stomach by any possible means, resulting in symptoms that can include vomiting, abdominal pain and frequent belching.

A bacteria family called H. pylori can infect the walls of the stomach and cause irritation to the tissues, resulting in gastritis. The bacteria are consumed in food and hides deep in the lining of the stomach, irritating it in the process and causing increased production of acid. The acid produced is continuous and its action is responsible for the pains and vomiting. To know if you are infected with the bacteria, a blood test is done. If you are found to be infected with the bacteria, it is treated with a combination of two antibiotics and a medication that stops the acid production.

If the H. pylori is not treated, it can cause cells of the stomach to develop into a cancer. Some recent studies in the US have indicated that many young people are being diagnosed with stomach cancer and it has a significant link to H. pylori infections.

I hope that you are no longer lost. There is a link between H. pylori infection of the stomach, gastritis and stomach cancer.


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