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Can cervical cancer be cured?


Dear Doc,

I heard a story about a lady who was cured of cervical cancer. Is this really possible? How can you cure cancer of the cervix?{{more}}


Dear Deanna,

I am happy to hear this question. You made my day.

The most amazing experience for us at the Cancer Society is to hear of persons who had cures. It is possible for cancers to be cured.

The most significant hurdle is that of early diagnosis. When pap-smears are done annually, the pathologist can notice early changes in the cells of the cervix that can progress to cancer. At times further analysis of the cervix when a biopsy is done demonstrates a cancer. In this situation, the entire cancer can be surgically removed before it has spread. In essence, cervical cancers are cured everyday and it is the hallmark of why women must never miss them.

Pap-smears are not done to find cancers. They are done to find the earliest changes in the cells which guide us into action to prevent cancer development. We are always sad when we encounter women who have been diagnosed with cervical cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. We know that this could have been cured if earlier diagnosis was made.


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