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Financial assistance and terminal illnesses


Dear Doc,

I know of a gentleman who has been going around for the past two years seeking funds to help his daughter who was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. His story is painful to the heart, but I know of many persons who gave financial help and later questioned the use of the funds. Is it wise to give financial help in these situations?{{more}}


Dear Shirley,

The question is whether to give or not to give. Most persons seeking financial help for cancer treatment are genuine and naturally there are some con artists in the mix. Even though a person might have a genuine need for financial assistance in seeking cancer treatment, it does not guarantee that all the resources given goes to that purpose. There are situations where, for instance, treatment is sourced abroad and the entire family takes the opportunity to travel with the patient, using the resources that were collected, thus leaving a shortfall in cash for actual treatment.

It is better to have knowledge of where your monies would be spent and how viable your contribution would be. If someone is terminally ill, one has to question if the reason for seeking financial help is genuine. It is also important to know if the person is indeed alive and who you are endorsing funds to in these situations.

It is always better to work with a central organization that can co-ordinate and account for funds when assisting with cancer treatment. Groups like the Cancer Society, Rotary, religious organizations and the Ministry of Health are good examples.


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